Airwolf down

Sad to read of the death of Jan-Michael Vincent, who made early teen Saturday afternoons a captivating watch with Airwolf.

March hasn’t been good…

Ah, Airwolf. My favourite of the mid-80s US tech series, and with the best theme tune too: Sylvester Levay, if memory serves. Mind you, Street Hawk scored major points for having Tangerine Dream do their theme.

Stringfellow Hawke was one of those quite oddly-written characters - he seemed to do a lot of playing the cello whilst boating on a lake in the Rockies.


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Cool helicopter though :sunglasses:

Some things come to mind. I was at primary school in a rural community those days. I had an Airwolf toy helicopter which was demolished by a classmate. Henk was the guy’s name and couldn’t even read when he was 12.

The Airwolf soundtrack is superb. In the eighties I listened a lot to Bach (I was 10 or so) but I used the Airwolf theme for improvisation on my organ. There is a nice stack of 4th’s which always sounded just before the evil Russians where shot out of the air and that is really useful in both classic oriented or modern improvisation.

Still need to lookup the episode where there was a second Airwolf in black / red colour scheme. Still remember it.

Ah yes, that huge buildup of a massive quartal chord. Same trick as used by John Williams in the intro to Superman and Kraftwerk in Trans-Europe Express: all great tunes in very different ways. The Airwolf theme also did a rather audacious key change from C minor to Eb minor which always makes me smile.

Ebor, it seems you also have your mind permanently switched on analyzing music. I remember your comment about the F# sharp 13th chord in Bruckner’s 9th.

Studied music?

Barely! I did music GCSE at school and I am the proud(ish) owner of a Grade 1 Trumpet award. For those not acquainted with the UK system, those are two of the lowliest qualifications imaginable. Nonetheless, I’ve played and performed for many years and do a bit of composing and arranging for fun now and then. A couple of years ago, my arrangement of We Three Kings was performed at Bath Abbey, which was nice (to quote The Fast Show).

Despite my comically lowly qualifications, I am very self-taught and, possibly as a result of being a bit maths/physicsy elsewhere in my life, I find music theory utterly fascinating and rewarding. For my birthday last month, I got the full orchestral score to John Williams’ Superman theme, which I’m having a whale of a time playing through. So much complex harmony producing such a consonant effect. Quite extraordinary.


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