3 hours to go, any theories out there?

Do ‘im. Don’t like his character.

It is the correct way to say the name of the eighth letter of the English alphabet. (Not ‘haitch’ as some people say it.)

But why is the alphabet so called, as opposed to the aybee?

My mum grew up in Northern Ireland (she moved to London in 1945). Apparently in the North, at least when she was there, the pronunciation split along the religious divide, Aitch being the Protestant pronunciation and Haitch being the Catholic.


Well I think it’s a double-bluff and he was nobbled way back in his days in the RUC. But we have 90 mins ahead of us and there are a lot of loose ends to tie up yet. An hour to go until kick off, time to open a bottle or two…

Whats the betting that H is nobody we have yet seen. They burst onto the scene with 5 minutes to go and leave you completely baffled as to why they are there with absolutely no clue of their previous existence.

It is called the ‘aybee’, sort of. It’s just Greek, that’s all: that alpha and beta being the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. I can only assume it’s a deliberate irony that we name it using a language which doesn’t use the same, erm, alphabet as us.


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Yes, that was my point!

Ah. Too subtle for me, unfortunately.

We might not find out at all (I haven’t started watching it yet - wife tied up with lambing…) as we might have to wait until the next series

I am not going to say anything, as I would hate to be told anything in advance myself, but I will say it does not disappoint. Intend to give it a second run tomorrow, the wonders of iPlayer.

As an aside, I am recording the Ginger Baker documentary, which looks good!

just back from Everest, can someone tell me what this thread is about?


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I assumed it was about the 8th letter of the alphabet. And I get the impression from some other people’s responses that there might be a TV programme about the alphabet…

For the last 6 weeks, 7m+ people watched a TV programme at the same time, rather than record it and watch it later on the train, the former by all accounts being quite unusual, these days.

This police procedural drama was quite outlandish, and in many ways rather silly - but 7m+ at the same time, in this day and age, is nonetheless a lot of people gasping together. The most watched TV programme this year I believe, though I am not a media statistician, so don’t quote me on that.

Anyway, it came to a Head last night. Lots of people were Holding their breath in anticipation. Some people reportedly Had parties for the finale. Many viewers had developed theories to resolve this modern whodunnit with a Hundred loose ends. This particular episode of the popular PPD was eagerly awaited as it was the finale of the 5th series and although each series had its own narrative, the many sub-plots and unresolved questions Hung unanswered in limbo through all 5 seasons, which added complication and thus Heightened audience participation and indeed anticipation.

It seems that the good people of this forum on the other hand were more inclined to spend their time listening to Herbie Hancock, the Housemarins, Holst or indeed Hendrix on their expensive and enthusiastically Honed equipment, which is not entirely surprising, nor I am sure, less satisfying.

But, Having said that, the comment above about aitch and haitch in NI was most interesting.

T :slight_smile:

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Catch up for me later this week … when life calms down

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I found it a bit disappointing - like the whole of this series. But that’s against the background of all previous series being stunningly good. The quick switch in the final 20-30 minutes was very good, though

OK, we have H, and PPD - but unless I’ve missed it, still no name for this soap/drama or whatever it is?

For the uninitiated it’s called Line Of Duty.

Probably should have a spoiler alert as some countries are yet to see this season, having watched the previous seasons I think I won’t read any more.


Yes of course Pete, apologies.

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