Alarm Clock on Mu-So 2nd

I have 2 new Mu-So 2nd one the alarm clock works fine the other will not work, same network, in fact they are on opposite walls of each other. Yes a unique alarm name, yes latest firmware installed Someone? Any Idea

SIMILAR THREAD BY REGGIE-MUSO, 1 day ago: « I bought the Muso Qb 2 from a retailer in NZ recently and maybe to do with the muso QB app, it seems not to matter how I set the time and day. The alarm seems not to react to it in the preset stations and not sure If I can select my own music for the alarm clock. My app firmware is up to date. Also, when I play music long time around 8-9 hours including the stand by mode time, the back of the panel heat sinks and could get quite hot. I wonder is it normal? as this is a brand new unit.

Thanks for the input. »

Maybe @Naim.Marketing could help.

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