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Hi folks
I’m trying to display an artist picture of an mp3 dj set when playing it through the front usb port
I have the mp3 set plus a picture of the artist in jpg and also png on the usb drive but it doesn’t display it, only the set name etc, any ideas would be great.

You ideally need to merge the jpg into the MP3 file itself. So as you will already know, the artist and title is already part of the file (known as metadata), and you can also add the jpg to to metadata. This is done via an MP3 metadata editor. The quick and easiest (and free) to use is propably mp3tag

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Awesome, thank you Gadgetman for the speedy reply, I will try that very shortly

You’re welcome. Some Music players do look for a local file in the same folder called “Cover” or “Folder”, but I’m not sure if Naim support this. Most people on the Forum tend to use MP3 metadata editors

You sir are a legend !!! got it working, thanks for your help, have a good evening chap

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