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I know this is very much a first world problem but why am I unable to get Taylor Swift to appear under S rather than T? I sort by Additional > Album Artist/Album. I have edited the ID Tags using dBpoweramp so that both Album Artist Sort and Artist Sort are Swift, Taylor. I have deleted all of her albums and added just one back in, both a copy and paste and using dBpoweramp CD Ripper (a different album) but no joy. Any suggestions?

I think you need to use Additional >> Album by Artist, not Album Artist/Album.
Maybe better asking on the dBpoweramp/Asset forum

I’ve got a library of 27,000+ tracks, all correctly sorted. What’s different about Taylor Swift?

As I said, best ask the Asset forum, Spoon & PeterP will have the answer

Spoon had an answer (two actually), just not the answer! So I hope nobody objects to me pursuing this on two forums.

In addition to the Taylor Swift issue I now realise I also have six seemingly random artists sorted incorrectly under ‘S’ (The Pretenders, Bob Dylan, R.E.M., Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers). Some or all of them appear immediately before my last correctly sorted ‘S’ Album Artist (Matthew Sweet), the rest after. Several 'Rescan Entire Library’s have moved the six artists around Matthew Sweet but not positioned them before the second last correctly sorted ‘S’ Album Artist.

This is becoming very irritating. I’ve looked at the Sort tags using PerfectTUNES and cannot see any issues. Taylor Swift had a Composer Sort tag which I’ve deleted but still sorts to ‘T’. If I change Album Artist to ‘Swift, Taylor’ she sorts to ‘S’ but displays as ‘Swift, Taylor’ which is equally annoying. Why is she sorting by Album Artist rather than Album Artist Sort? I deleted my Fleetwood Mac folder (3 albums) and then added Greatest Hits only back in. Still sorted under ‘S’. But the Artist Tile shows the Rumours artwork (still deleted) but the Greatest Hits artwork appears correctly when I select Fleetwood Mac. Is there sort of memory problem? I’ve tried ‘Clear image cache’ and am in the middle of ‘Rebuild music database’ on the Naim app.

Very grateful for any advice.

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I have most of your album & artists on your list, all sort correctly. Maybe more info might help.
Are these albums all dBpoweramp rips?
If not rips, where did the download come from?
What file format are they?
What Is the media server?

Have you tried searching in the standard way, without any of the additional sorting in place, so that Amy Winehouse, for example, appears under A rather than W? When you do that, are the artists currently appearing in the wrong place now in the right places, so REM under R and not S.

If everything is where is should be, maybe that helps in working out what’s happening.

When I started with streaming I decided that the only adjusting I’d to is the get ‘The’ after the artist, so that The Specials appear under S and not T. Elvis Costello appears under E and not C. I took the view that the more adjusting is done, the more there is to go wrong.

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Have you set Album Artist Sort to Swift, Taylor? That seems like the simple and obvious fix.
The other option that you might look at (within the Naim app) is the A-Z button. This would allow you to put ‘sub headings’ under S (so TS would appear under T). I don’t like this so turn it off.

Thanks HH. If you mean by ‘the standard way’ searching under Artist (rather than Album Artist/Album) then they all remain under ‘S’. Probably good advice with the adjusting, but 27,000+ tracks too late for me now! I can understand that I might need to adjust some, just that adjusting doesn’t make any difference!

Thank you, but as stated in my original post Album Artist Sort is set to Taylor, Swift. And I want TS to appear under ‘S’ rather than ‘T’.

Not all CD rips, some Copy and Pastes, some downloads from various sources.
Mostly FLAC but some MPEG.
A NAS drive.

I was asking specifically about the problem albums.
FLAC is good, my concern is with some Apple/iTunes sourced files.

I was referring to the problem albums.

Some of them may have been iTunes sorted but the one The Pretenders problem album is FLAC ripped from a CD.

OK, maybe someone on this forum may have the answer, but unless they’ve experienced the problem … ???
My advice is to keep pushing with Asset (Spoon & PeterP)

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Thanks for your best efforts.

Is this backwards?

I have a similar problem with Billie Eilish but only on LMS, not on JRiver. LMS sorts it under ‘B’, although the name appears as “Eilish, Billie.” It also ignores the the genre field of the first track, “!!!”.

I don’t use Asset. My WD MyCloud doesn’t support it.

Just some troubleshooting thoughts. What happens if, for testing purposes, you change the entry to Swift, Mary or Swift, T.

Hi again Bryce.
Something you might do to help the Asset guru’s is to send them a log file, first ask them on the forum if this would help them to diagnose.
It means you have to activate logging in your Asset, run through all the browsing views of the problem albums, then send / attach the log file to them.
It might be useful to also tell them what your NAS brand & model is, as not all work the same way with software.

An update. Sorting remains incorrect but I can shed some light on things, but complicated and the solution remains elusive.

Matthew Sweet that the six Artists incorrectly sort around under ‘S’ is three albums of cover versions. It cannot be a coincidence that all six Artists have tracks covered by him on these albums with the original artist tagged under Artist and Matthew Sweet tagged under Album Artist and Album Artist Sort (I sort by Album Artist/Album.) PerfectTUNES shows for the Matthew Sweet albums that three tracks, all problem sorts for me, have two Artist Sort tags - Matthew Sweet and the original recording artist. This is not the case for the other three sorting problem artists, and there are other artists covered by Matthew Sweet who sort correctly. I have cut and pasted to my desktop the Matthew Sweet albums and the albums by the six covered artists removing them (at least temporarily) from my library but CD ripping, for example Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits still gets sorted under ‘S’. It should sort by Album Artist Sort but seems to have got confused by the previous two different Artist Sort tags and even although the album that caused the confusion is no longer in my library, Asset seems unable to forget that Fleetwood Mac sorts under ‘S’ even when Fleetwood Mac is deleted form the library and I try to reintroduce.

I’m not sure if Taylor Swift is a separate problem or not. She sorts under Taylor rather than Sweet but again it seems coincidental that she is the next (and only Album Artist) under ‘S’ following Sweet.

I hope that makes sense.

I’ll ask Mike, although not sure how exactly to go about what you’re suggesting, but thanks again.

No problems with Billie Eilish for me. Not at home just now but will experiment later.