Album Artist Sorting Problem

Can you post a screen grab of the meta data for the offending album?

No mystery. Asset sorts by what you enter in the appropriate field. If you have Album Artist set as “Taylor Swift”, then it will appear under T. If you change the field to read “Swift, Taylor”, then it will appear under S.

I’ve tagged ALL my albums that way. For instance “The Beatles” I would change to “Beatles, The”. Thw only exceptions is “The The”. To me, it is the logical way to do it. Of course, other’s opinions may differ.

I always change all the tags in CD Ripper BEFORE doing the actual rip. (saves time altering things later on). For multiple artist compilations, I put the “Album Artist” as “Various Artists”, set the “Artist” Field to the name of the artist performing for each track.

After all, if you go into a record/CD store, they catalogue by Surname.

Works perfectly for me.

Unhelpful, ill informed and ever so slightly patronising. You have clearly not read the thread properly. I would like Taylor Swift to appear in my library sorted to Swift but displaying as Taylor Swift (not Swift, Taylor). That’s why Asset has Album Artist Sort and Artist Sort tags. I have 27,000+ tracks in my library, almost all of which are sorted and displaying as I want them to. I am struggling with a couple of exceptions that seemingly defy logic. And for your information you can also configure Asset to deal with ‘The’ in various ways.

Ultimately we all have our own preferences as to how we like to organise our libraries. I agree that changing the tags before the rip is a good idea although I sometimes change my mind after the event. I personally dislike using “Various Artists” as Album Artist because this would end up a very large and heterogeneous group. For Soundtracks, for example, I use the name of the film as the Album Artist and then enter the Artist for each track but we’re all different.

Some of my artists are categorised by surname and others are not. Cause unknown.:thinking:
e.g. Taylor Swift is under ‘T’ but Patricia Barber is under ‘B’.

Yes, it’s pretty random if you don’t use Sort tags.

It must just be folklore?

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Have you got access to the dbpoweramp suite of tools PerfectTUNES? That can analyse your files and highlight (among lots of other things) inconsistencies in tagging.
Alternatively, edit this album to something completely different (Album Artist = XX Taylor Swift, Album Artist Sort = XX Taylor Swift). See if that moves it to X then edit it back.
I’ve had a few instances of where the sorting doesn’t make sense but can be corrected with this sort of faff.

Thanks Gavin. I do, and there are no inconsistencies in tagging. And see below regarding your other suggestion.

In summary, I sort by Album Artist / Album. I have six artists who incorrectly sort as ‘Sweet, Matthew’ despite having correct Album Artist Sort (and Artist Sort) tags. Their connection with Matthew Sweet is that all of them are included as original artists on his three albums of cover versions. Removing these albums from my library does not resolve the problem; their own albums still sort as ‘Sweet, Matthew’.

Last night for ‘The Pretenders’ who are one of the artists affected as an experiment I changed the Album Artist tag (not the Album Artist Sort tag) to ‘The Pretenders’ with a double space between ‘The’ and ‘Pretenders’ and it sorted correctly under ‘P’ but displayed with the double space. When I changed back to a single space it sorted under ‘S’ again! So it appears to be sorting by Album Artist and not Album Artist Sort, and not sorting correctly by Album Artist if the Album Artist is tagged correctly!

So I understand that the problem appears to be somehow related to the three Matthew Sweet albums causing confusion, but how do I get Asset (or is it the Naim app?) to forget this and start afresh?

My problem seems to be lasting for evermore.

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What about the name of the album? Could that cause some issue? I’ve had this problem in Minimserver where albums were picking up tags from others with the same name (e.g. Greatest Hits, Gold etc.).
Simon at Minimserve said the Album name had to be unique. This surprised me a little, but I did go through the examples where names clashed (and amended the names).

Keep communicating with the Asset forum, it seems your problem is unique to whatever hardware & software you have, so the Asset guru’s are best equipped to find the cause.
I suspect a logging file of you browsing over th problem is a possible way forward.
What brand & model NAS is Asset installed on.
The Naim app has very little abilities other than to screen show the data it’s being fed.

Sorry if I upset you. I spent most of my career before retirement reducing things to their basics, and supplying more readable manuals for some of our medical equipment. It’s amazing how many manuals are badly written.

I have used Asset for 9-10 years now, with very few problems, and also have a very large collection of files (wouldn’t want to retag them all!).

I have only one more suggestion. Perhaps you could clear Asset Cache and then re-rip the offending CD (if it was originally a CD rather than a download). Just had a quick look at the Asset forums and found this (disclaimer - I have never tried this myself so don’t know if it deletes your other ripper settings) :

Re: Delete “Memory” of Previous Rips?

Thanks for the tip about the cache. I found a file in the AppData\Roaming\dBpoweramp folder named CDRipperCache.bin which was dated and timed the last time I had changed anything in the app. I assumed THIS was the aforementioned cache, so I renamed it and fixed the problem. Thanks again!

Actually I’ve just now edited this post. Seems like you may have already tried this 2 days ago. (sigh).
Good luck with solving it.

No that’s really helpful. I was simply deleting the folder but suspected there must be some sort of long term memory for the rips. Thanks, and apologies for grumpiness.

Hi Mike

Came across this from you on the forum in 2019 under ‘Clearing upnp cache on naim app’

Open settings (gear/tool icon top right) go to UPnP & clear cache.
Do the same in ‘Other Settings’ & clear the art cache

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I don’t see UPnP in my settings. Has this been replaced in the current Naim app by ‘Rebuild music database’? I see the ‘Clear image cache’.

Hi again, my Clear UPnP Cache post relates to older Naim streamers and firmware. If you have one of the latest streamer models, yes I expect it will be different, but I can’t say how the new platform cache clearing works. You need someone with the know how.

You’re welcome. My wife (50 years married now!) tells me that I’m turning into Victor Meldrew (cheeky sod …) 8)

Really? I don’t believe it!

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I have both old and new streamers and can see the clear cache option in relation to legacy units and not with the new streamer. So what you and Mike are seeing is how it is.

I suspect that you don’t need to clear the upnp cache in relation to a new streamer as the means to do it is no longer provided. Maybe it flushes automatically, for example.

The rebuild database option in the app is completely different. It relates to the server mode in the new streamers and is the same as with the UnitiCore. All it does is force the streamer in server mode (or the Core if you are in that part of the app) to reindex all of the music that is in the music store, which is likely on an external USB connected device with the new streamers. I don’t know whether the app passes that instruction to a upnp server on a NAS. I doubt it, but in any case it’s nothing to do with any app cache.

I was going to say the same as David last evenings post, but unsure of the new platform cache function. That said I doubt very much that this is a cache issue.
You need to understand & get the same message to the Asset people that none of the many Naim app users have this problem, if we had it would have been solved a long time ago, you appear to have something that is unique to your system and/or how you have it set up.
And in that regard you really do need to tel us & the Asset forum exactly what you have in your system, streamer model, NAS, app & control point type as one or other might be a factor.

Update - managed to resolve the issue with Reset App (on the Naim app) and Rescan All (on UPnP). Thanks for all the suggestions.