Album download code grumbles

I bought the new Wolf Alice album on vinyl at the weekend and thought I’d use the download code to get it on to a memory stick for the car. If the download is CD quality or even better it would go on the NAS too for use with my streamer.
Anyway, why can’t record companies get things even remotely correct with the metadata on album downloads? This was the sight that greeted me using dbPoweramp editor

Every field with metadata is flagged with different! How so? Well opening it up in mp3tag I see this

So we have a mixture of 192kbps and 320kbps mp3 files with different fields filled in in the metadata depending on which resolution for the file and different sized album artwork as well!

Come on record companies, this is not a difficult thing to do!

I’ve seen this too, it’s not worth downloading in most cases as the quality is usually not lossless and the tagging is always bad.

I agree the tagging is usually awful but occasionally the downloads are in wav and I’ve even had some 24 bit wav downloads. Trouble is often you don’t know what you’re getting until you download it.

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