Album Image Stuck - Uniti Star

The image displayed on my Uniti Star is stuck on “Down the Road” by Van Morrison. Whatever music I now play this is the only image that appears. Van the Man’s music can be very depressing, having his image fixed on my Star is even more depressing.
Any ideas? I’ve tried turning off and on and clearing the image cache from the Naim App.
I’m stuck now, just like the picture.

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It happens, power down completely at the mains - that should do it

Many thanks - turning it off at the mains for 10 minutes has sorted it. Maybe the lesson is not to switch albums or tracks before the current one has finished. Anyway, back to normal now.
So grateful for the knowledge on this forum - I’ve learned a lot from reading various posts and tips while getting to grips with my new Uniti Star, setting up NAS etc. Thanks to everyone for that.

I believe Naim is aware of this issue and working on a fix …

Thanks Klout10, I’ll watch out for any updates.

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