Album of the year - 2019

It’s not surprising it leans toward the Antipodean as it was taken from an Australian news site. There’s many (lots in fact) that I’d never heard of either.

Ever read Retromania by Simon Reynolds? Throwbacks are absolutely reflective of today’s music.

Mojos top 75 releases of 2019.

Let me drop this into the mix.


No - I haven’t, but I’ll look out for it. I was wrong though to call Mavis Staples a ‘throwback’.

The Teskey Brothers are throwbacks; Mavis Staples is an original!

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I’m with you. What’s wrong with a spirited and respectful discussion

If I say citizen Kane is the greatest movie ever. And someone says it is not, I will happily tell them why they are wrong. Unless they say Shawshank Redemption. Then I will kick them in the nuts


Sorry guys but I am totally with mikehughescq on this one Very very average from Bruce. I have seventeen of his albums and it does not even come close. Signing off and going to do a represe ofall the albums I have bought this year. Ill be back !

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To be fair @raym55 has absolutely boasted any discussion of Bruce completely into irrelevance. The year that that Sting album could be anyone’s best of 2019 is, erm, worrying.

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Didn’t he make an album with Shaggy recently? (Not that one.)

I’m sure I saw them together on my main hunting ground for new music, The One Show. (Michael Ball was on today’s - on that iPlayer, ICYMI.)

I feel myself descending into some kind of small hell even discussing that :open_mouth:

Well, I like it!
While the content may have mostly been written in the last millennium, it’s release date was 2019.
I’m not a particular fan of Sting or the Police but this recording has made me sit up and take notice.
How many new recordings of artists of a certain age don‘t have an ‘homage’ to the past in there somewhere? Classical???
So Mike, don’t worry about me, I’m perfectly happy on planet ‘Ray’.

I know exactly where you’re coming from! Younger friends (40/50s) keep exhorting me to make Radio 6 my ‘go to’ instead of Radio Paradise. I’ve tried several times, but find that 95% of the new music played just doesn’t connect.

I truly believe it’s an age/generational thing. There were occasions during the nineties and noughties I experienced similar difficulties, but it’s much worse now! Fortunately, with a personal collection of 4000+, I have enough good music, much of which I havent played in years, to see me out. I will continue to add to it occasionally I’m sure, but I’m not going to stress over finding much of the above ‘Top 50’ to be not to my taste.


Salami Rose Joe Louis. Zdenka 2080

He did. And it’s a great, if somewhat unexpected association. 44/876 it is named.

But it was in 2018, so not relevant here I guess.

I can’t find Rammstein’s eponymous album on Tidal, Qobuz or Apple Music to stream. Amazon Music has it, sounds a real grower from limited listening - thoroughly underrated rock outfit who can span horrific/surreal themes with suitably adult videos, industrial metal and some of the most sensitive heartfelt melodies entirley at odds with their on-stage appearance.


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I’m sure that there will be loads of rolls of eyes on this, but for me I’m going to submit ‘Abbey Road - 50th Anniversary Remix by The Beatles. ‘


I was born in 1972 and thus am more a child of the 80s. The 60s were my parents thing and such never really gelled with their music so much. The Beatles very much fell into that camp for me, so I never took any time to really sit down research the band, understand the albums, the music, what was going on, watch the documentaries etc.

With all the hype around Abbey Road’s 50th Anniversary Remix release, I decided to do just that and have really enjoyed going down the rabbits hole of kind of discovering The Beatles for myself. Anyway, this release changed everything for me this year…


Maybe not THE album of the year, but memorable is The Utopia Strong.
Debut by The Utopia Strong.


Featuring no less Steve “interesting” Davis.
Proving he is a little bit more interesting than most thought.


“No Ordinary World” from Chasing The Monsoon.

A superb crossover project that brings together an exciting mix of musical genres, including superbly constructed progressive rock, mesmerizing and dreamy ambient electronic atmospheres, edgy trip hop, evocative Celtic sounds and a rich palette of world music rhythms and chants. An album of the year contender, highly recommended :sunglasses:

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Thanks for this recommendation. Incredible album.