Album Track Gaps Fail/Gone

Something weird is suddenly happening to my album track gaps - they’re being chopped off. E.G. a live album that has talking in between tracks will chop at the end of one track and then start at the beginning of the next, cutting out the talking between. This has never happened before.

My Melco N1Z-fed DAC has SD card playback as well as USB and it’s doing it on both; so I don’t think it’s a server thing. If I play tracks back on the iPad (which acts as controller for the Melco/DAC playback connection) it does it on the iPad, too.

(Waffle edited out). The only thing I’ve changed are the XLR’s between pre and power - I’m testing TQ Silver Diamond against Statement.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks, folks.

For anyone using Melco servers with their Naim gear - I found the problem. There’s a setting for ‘gapless playback by renderer’ (dac) in the Melco app settings which, for some unknown reason, had turned itself off. All good now.

Elsewhere, these TQ Statement cables are fairly astonishing. If I can’t find a review here for Black Diamond vs Silver Diamond vs Statement I’ll add one, given a lot of Naim users rate TQ. If anyone’s interested.


If I even began to understand what you are asking, I would gladly try to help.

But you appear to be having problems involving ‘servers’ and ‘app settings’. To someone such as me, born in 1955, ‘servers’ are the (usually fairly surly) people who bring you food and drink in restaurants, and ‘app settings’ are those nice little icon thingies on the screen of your iPhone. (You see, I have been paying attention to some of the advances that have been happening in technology in the last few decades.)

So, as much as I’d like to help, I feel that I must pass on this occasion.

PS I see that, in the time it has taken me to write what I said above, Eagle has sorted out the problem, using more new technology that is even less comprehensible than in his first post here. I shall crawl back into my lair.

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Graham, I can assure you this is super light reading compared to some of the technical discussions concerning the digital realm that have appeared here in the past. You could have a lot of fun with ‘packets’ and ‘re-clocking’, to reference only two…

I use Silver Diamonds- would appreciate what you have to say regarding the Statements…thanks in advance!


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