Albums of the Year:-)

…ok, a little too early for the “album of the year” category…but these are on my top list for now…Tokyo Stories, Midnight at Notre Dame and Here Comes the Cowboy are great imho


Thanks, some for me to check. I kinda posted something along these lines a day or so ago but the thread died.

UFOF is great I think. American Football (LP3) is ahead of all the pack in 2019 so far though

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This one for me by a country mile


The Delines - The Imperial - best album in last five years at least - nothing comes even close to this. Amy Boone’s voice is perfection.

I’ll be surprised if this isn’t my favourite album of the year or at the very least in the top three. Sadly I discovered her too later to get hold of any tickets to see her live earlier this year. Amazing talent.

Julia Jacklin Crushing


For me, without doubt my new band album of the year is this:

ESE and The Vooduu People, 'tout a doubt.


I’ve only heard 10 of these so far, but I’ve no argument with those 10 being included in this list.

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