Albums or artists that really grate on you


Anything without Pink and Floyd in the title!!!


I would never go so far as to name artists that grate me for fear of offending others. Taste is so personal, inexplicable and delicate a matter. I will however observe that after reading through the responses I’m impressed by the number of mentions of U2 and to a lesser degree those of Kate Bush. OTOH, I am quite surprised not to see Michael Jackson named. The Frank Sinatra mention - that just seems so completely random and ineffectual :thinking:


I failed to mention the genre of ‘crooners’.


Sinatra is often mentioned as one of the great singers of the 20th Century - but I don’t understand why and yet it seems like heresy to question his singing ability.

His voice sounds dull and monotonous to me - there are so many other singers that I’d rate above him.

Just my opinion though! :slight_smile:


The Smiths/Morrissey, Coldplay and Radiohead have already been covered so that’s them dealt with.

George Ezra and his nursery rhyme songs really irritate me to the extent of wanting to turn the radio off.

And another band I, thankfully, haven’t heard for years, Altered Images. I couldn’t stand that whiny, ‘little girl’ voice.

Pretentious ‘experimental’ electronic noise merchants using all manner of odd devices, that wouldn’t recognise a tune if it bit them in the bum.





Oh and bloody Neil bloody Young. I mean come on, get over yourself.


Loads of stuff but most U2 and the Smiths.


Take That along with all other Boy Bands, Spice girls and all other girl bands :joy:


Queen Barry Manilow and Florence with or without her machine.


I get your reasoning and why folks don’t like crooners. I was just thinking “how often does anyone hear Frank Sinatra these days?” Enough to grate?


I should have mentioned absolutely anything Autotuned! The most grating sound ever contrived and those that use it have no business in the music industry. And why do big box stores seem to use so much autotuned music? Trying to hurry customers to the cashiers?


Yes, crime against humanity.



+1 for Adele. And I haven’t been able to listen to Coldplay since Noel Gallagher described them as ‘music for bedwetters’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bill Bailey does a great send up of Adele. You can find it on the ‘Tube’.


Anything by Bob Dylan - his voice just grates …
(Sorry to all his fans …)


Queen really offend my ears :poop:


This album and the artist.


Prog Rock as a genre for me (e.g. early Genesis/Yes), especially the often immensely long solos which derived from concerts so as to give the rest of the band a break.

…tin hat on around these parts.

Heavy metal (Motorhead et al), thrash and alike - my dentist’s drill provides a similar experience.

Anything by so-called ‘celebrities’, who attempt to promote their dross as something of musical merit/personal achievement. Obviously, it’s a long list…a starter for ten being Nick Knowles. In such cases, I’m not sure who’s the most to blame, the A&R team at the recordco., or the ‘artist’.


Hi Peter I agree it don’t Get Queen is it pop is it rock


Constant Television adverts running 24/7 using Queen tracks to sell stuff hasn’t done them any favours.
I could take them or leave them but now hate them.