Albums or artists that really grate on you


for me it’s Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock for the jazz-rock, jazz-funk albums.
Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin for pop rock.
Jeff Beck and John Mc Laughlin also.
Isaac Hayes and the Temptations for soul music.


The Beautiful South. Manhattan Transfer. Eurovision songs with the exception of Abba.


Oh now you go to far!

Nobody slates t’ Transfer.

Altogether now “Ra Da Da da Da”

Mind they can’t be played so much as if to bother you nowadays…?


This is a really good album

Threads like this go absolutely nowhere .
They always just end up as I hate this band or artist posts.
Totally pointless IMO.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I happened to catch a clip of them in that Stuart Copeland documentary the other day. Jeez, they are fcuking annoying. That strident wackiness of theirs really grates. Absolutely horrible - they make me feel like filling my ears up with liquid latex in order to avoid hearing. Bloody irritating to look at too. :face_vomiting::rage:


Nothing wrong with the Red Hots.
Chad is a brilliant drummer that makes the craft look so easy.
See what I mean ?
This is descending into A I hate thread.:roll_eyes


I would rather use “intense dislike” or detest. Since we’re on the case, anything by that bloke who shall remain nameless or Paul Weller.


TBH I really don’t see your point .
Get along to Putney for the Ian McNabb gig Feb 2


I agree, he’s a great drummer, but so what? Their music is awful, and their presentation and image is supremely wearisome.

Sting is a great bassist, but that doesn’t mean his solo output doesn’t prompt sentient beings to throw themselves off cliffs in order to avoid hearing it.


It’s quite alright, I don’t like Putney either.:wink:


Get yourself and that band your promoting to Putney Feb 2nd for the Ian McNabb gig and I will buy you a pint.
If you can’t make it ?
Islington for Ian’s full band Icicle Works gig ?


@Specs - we’re playing at the Half Moon tomorrow night, as it happens.

Can’t make the 2nd as Ese is playing with the Alabama 3 that night. :sunglasses:


Your wasted and should get out more.:icecream::fries::beer::hamburger::cake::+1:
Putney is just down the road from you by car and bus.
Tube even faster.
Thought you liked seeing live bands and artists ?
Have you become a old grump ?


You hurt my feelings. I thought we’re going to be best pals. :sunglasses: might catch you at the icicle works gig. Just around the corner from me!:wink:


That’s a good idea.
For some reason I always thought you lived near Hammersmith ?


No, but saw some of the best gigs of my life at the old Ham Odeon, Including one of the last performances by the late Miles Davis. Front row seats. Pure magic!


Kate Bush - The Sensual World - owned this for nearly 30 years I think but can’t get away with this album at all. Tried numerous times and cannot get past the 2nd track. Must try again sometime as I am sure I must be missing something.


Totally agree.

The musical snobbery on this thread reminds me of why I couldn’t stand John Peel, the Radio 1 DJ. Not to be confused with John Peel, the Radio 4 presenter, who was a completely different kettle of fish.


The caterwauling of Berk, I mean Bjork.



I guess I was not clear enough in trying to keep it to supposedly ‘classic’ albums rather than just a free for all.

Some interesting replies though :joy: