Albums or artists that really grate on you


Every now and then, someone takes a snipe at another forum member for their taste in music. I regard this as bad form, so maybe it’s good to have a thread where people can get it off their chest without offending anybody, although given that this is about music you hate, I think the Padded Cell would be the correct place for it.
My view is that there is nearly always someone, somewhere, who gets real enjoyment from music that you hate. For example, I defy any of you to claim that you’ve had more fun listening to music than my daughter and her mates, singing along to the Spice Girls, or some other **** when she was in her early teens. A different sort of enjoyment, perhaps, but none the worse for it.


Happily, as far as the generation gap goes, it seems to work both ways.

Spent many a happy day in the the car singing along with the back seat to Oasis or All Saints,
to be repaid years later, when my daughter, newly started at Uni. told me that her flat mate much preferred the music I had pre-loaded on her new iPod to her stuff.

It’s not often one gets the chance to impress a then 17 year old, but I was chuffed to bits!


For you maybe, but for some it’s a nice way to get things on the table. Tells a lot about a person personality don’t you think?


The John Peel you affect to so despise (I presume he didn’t like some acts you did) probably did more for British music than any other single figure in this country. A vast number of acts over the years owe him a massive debt.

That is why his death was such a big news story and why - despite his faults - he is still held in affection today.


Yep 100% agree. I came to also post “Grace”. It is perhaps the one (generally well-regarded) record that I simply can’t listen to. It’s is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I simply can’t stand it.


Agree 100% - someone passing comments of something I was playing led to me stopping using the forum for a long time.


I don’t care what people think about the music I like, or the car I drive, or the clothes I wear etc etc…


I am not bothered either personally. What I found annoying was someone telling me what I should and should not like


See above.


My dislike of the smugness and sanctimony that John Peel expressed in his music criticism is genuine. It is no affectation.

I actually share John Peel’s disdain for the music of ELP. I just don’t feel the need to insult people who don’t.

And I’m actually grateful to John Peel, aided by the listeners who voted in the 1980 Festive Fifty, for introducing me to the music of Joy Division. Whenever I heard a song I liked in among all the other dross, er, I mean, songs I didn’t like, it was almost invariably by Joy Division.


I don’t think the original post was ever meant to be a reflection on anyone’s taste or a put down. It was meant to be about your tastes and dislikes. I wouldn’t have responded if I thought that.

I listen to stuff that makes me embarrassed sometimes, however I don’t care what other people think as long I like it.

But agree it time to leave this post alone before there’s more bad blood.


I like Achtung Baby and pretty much NO other U2.


To this day, I feel a debt of gratitude to John Peel for the ways in which he broadened my enjoyment of music. I didn’t appreciate the music he played in the latter part of his career but whatever one might think of his playlist choices, John Peel was a broadcasting pioneer. I certainly miss his radio shows


Michael McDonald (e.g., What A Fool Believes, Minute By Minute, It Keeps You Runnin’) and Christopher Cross (e.g., Ride Like The Wind, Sailing, Arthur’s Theme). McDonald was the death knell of the Doobie Brothers, which had previously been a very good band.


I agree there are a few self-opinionated quite nasty people on this forum who should keep their keyboards shut. That said, to allow comments from them to drive you away is a wee bit thin skinned don’t you think?


Not so much a case of being driven away - I don’t consider this or any other forum as that important - more a case of a shrug of the shoulders!

Running a mainly non Naim system I have had to be pretty thick skinned in the past :laughing:


What is forum, but statements of opinion. Some of my favourite artists are mentioned in this thread (one group where I believe I have a copy of almost everything they recorded), but I don’t care in the least. I accept that some people don’t like the music of three of the most talented individuals that ever entered a recording studio.

I have quite a few albums, but you won’t find any crooners or rappers in my collection and those two genres are unused on my music server. I occasionally attend hifi shows and if an exhibitor would like me to leave then putting on music from either of these genres or Dire Straits or New Order will see me quickly depart.

John Peel was the greatest DJ in radio history as far as I’m concerned (closely followed by Alan Freeman not 'arf), but a lot of what he played was not to my taste. Unlike some here I wasn’t enamoured with Joy Division and preferred the content of John’s shows during his Perfumed Garden/Top Gear days. Some artists John denounced were among my favourites. So what - doesn’t stop him being a great guy.

As politicians have discovered if you ask people a question then you may not like their answer. Sometimes it may be best not to ask, but when one opens Pandora’s box out comes fear, but later comes hope for change.


But in my defence, would you not agree his singing does grate. Unfortunately “My Way” one of the dreariest and most depressing songs ever penned is often heard.

One of my relatives was at death’s door in hospital and to help her, I asked the DJ on hospital radio to play her favourite song “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. He didn’t have that record so decided to play the monotone mournful Frank S singing the aforementioned “My Way”. How on earth he expected a song starting “And now the end is near” to cheer anybody up is beyond me. Miraculously she did recover and was able to give the DJ some advice “If music be the food of love then Frank’s the indigestion”.

Have you ever been on a cruise ship where they give lectures on music? “The Great American Songbook” what’s that all about? I was expecting them to talk about Dylan, Zappa or Loudon Wainwright III, but no … oh well, you live and learn.

Just my opinion. I’m sure others enjoyed it and me I just don’t care at all (please click)


Achtung Baby is a standout for sure. I can also listen to War and LUABRS.


Have tried to listen to this a few times. Don’t think that I’ve ever managed to get to the end!