Albums or artists that really grate on you


And be honest – there are 2 good songs on Pet Sounds. Definitely “most overrated” as far as I’m concerned.


Well the high regard held for Pet Sounds is more about the the novel production techniques, apart from whether the musical content is to anyone’s particular liking. It cracked open the door, and then less than a year later, Sgt. Peppers blew it off its hinges.


Caught myself singing along to " I am the one and only " by Chesney Hawkes the other day while 'twas on the radio.
Used to hate it when it was contemporaneous.
Time is not just for the revelator, but also for the leveller.


… and Wrecking Crew performance is great. They should really get the credit for this album not the name of Beach Boys (obviously Brian Wilson’s music though).


Is it so bad that we like different types of music?
There do seem to be others that like traditional and progressive music so I’m not completely alone.

Is there not an ignore function you could use? So you never have to read anything I write again. By the way I don’t understand much of your post, but wish you well nonetheless.

You may not care for it (I’ve no idea what music you like), but here is a nice song to end on (please click)


Ooh, where’s the full band gig?


Kev, you really must come off the fence and say what is on your mind.


Yes osprey, I concur 100% about the Crew.


OMG, have to agree with you on that regardin The Smiths, his voice is so incredibly annoying and he always sings in about 3 notes and that’s it, repetitively. Just childish crap.


I know they have their fans on the forum, but I cringe every time I see Greta van Fleet and their Led Zeppelin cosplay.


You would think that with a song based from one of the mostly agreed upon grating band, by a bloke with a funny head and Geordie accent - this would be utter terrible. No, this is genius…


I have to say, anything by Coldplay and I just fall asleep :zipper_mouth_face:


You would think that Polar bears would love cold play, frolicking in the snow


I recently gave a $20 tip to an guitarist/singer in a cocktail lounge for NOT playing Brown Eyed Girl in the hour I was there.


Kate Bush - never understood why some people idolise her. Sounds like a strangled cat.

Most classical.

Most opera. Sounds like a drunk hippo. Makes me laugh when people who dont understand italian still listen to it as if they do. Mind you, even if it was sung in English one still couldnt understand a word they sing.

Most jazz. Sounds like a bunch of screeching cats.

Oh, and most rap (drill and all that rubbish).


Ha ha, love your honesty, much appreciated :joy:


Sounds like your jealous. :wink:


Moany bloody Mitchell, Tori Amos, Dire Straits, plinky plonky jazz (Dave Brubeck etc. but especialy “Jazz at the Yawn Shop” - late Miles is fine), any classical, Enrico Enaudi (what the PSD button on Radio Paradise was invented for).


Classical hasn’t had much space so far, so here’s my view – assuming we’re talking of celebrated artists we cannot stand in spite of everything, Well, I can’t simply listen to Dietrich Fischer-Diskau’s voice. He was the highest undisputed authority on Romantic Lied and moved freely from Mozart’s to Strauss’
s Operas and yet when I hear his forte it’s like someone has stuck a sewing needle in my finger.


At least Einaudi is actually called Ludovico, like Beethoven…