Albums that you forgot

Name one album that you put on by chance and thought ‘wow, I used to love this, and it still sounds great’

Out of the Blue - ELO for me. Mid 70s? Seriously, the production on this is stunning.

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Dexys Midnight Runners - Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. I put it on for the first time in decades to show my (American) wife that they weren’t just one-hit wonders. She was suitably impressed, and I was blown away by the album all over again.


George Harrison,Living In The Material World.Played it none stop on its release,very melodic.


Wife pulled this one up…free with hifi mag from probably twenty years ago. Great recordings fir their time.

blood on tracks/vinyl even better same vinyl out takes released this year

War - Why Can’t We Be Friends. After playing it the other day I decided to go ahead with my speaker upgrade. It’s an excellent album that still sounds great today, actually better (due to hi fi upgrades).


To be honest I’m constantly “discovering” new music in my own collection.


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