Albums which blew you away on first listen



I’d not heard an album quite like this before.
It remains as extraordinary today as it was back then
White Noise - An Electric Storm


Blown away by both - still am
I remember putting ‘Silent Way’ on the turntable, and it seemed like only a few minutes and it was all over, so put it on again… wonderful !!!
Miles Ahead with Gil Evans - fabulous !
They did other wonderful albums together - Sketches of Spain, Porgy & Bess.
I can listen to all of these as happily today as when I first bought them


One of the best albums of all time


In terms of coming across a singer who can evoke so much emotion and also cover so many different styles so well, this was ear-opening. Not everyone’s cup of tea around these parts but, for me, very, very good.


Certainly stood the test of time


The swagger, confidence and challenge of this is breathtaking.



Yes! It caught my eye in the record shop, and I had a listen It blew me away, too! So bought it - way back in 1970 or 71. Digitised when I ripped my vinyl, I still listen occasionally. So much to like on it, my favourite being the haunting lyrics of The Visitation. I found the subsequent second and third WN albums quite uninspiring.


A Best of yes but I’ll never forget hearing this starting with ’ Riders on the Storm’ , I was in my early teens hanging out at my mates when he put this on , Wow !! Loved the Doors ever since .


I agree with you Graeme. This blew me away too, especially the opening track, Lonely Woman, with the slightly discordant horns. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and so well too. Absolutely marvellous.



Into the Electric Castle is the third album of the project Ayreon released in 1998. (40th remix Oct 2018)


Always happy to see another Eva Cassidy fan. I’ve mentioned on the old forum that I saw her sing live at Mick Fleetwood’s club, also in Washington DC, in the early1990’s. Her cousin was my co-worker and invited me and my wife to hear her cousin sing. Lucky us!


Of all time

Of formative times

Of recent times


I think I was.about 12 when my cousin played this to me (because it has the Top of the Pops theme) and a whole new world opened for me. Magical.


LZ II was part of my introduction to Rock music: In December 1970 I took my hifi system in to the Scout hall to be used for music for the Christmas play we were putting on (Not sure if I was the only person who had one, or just the one willing to use it). One of the Venture Scouts brought this record in and we played it after the rehearsal - yes, it blew me away, that and Edgar Broughton’s Out Demons Out single. Got me into both bands immediately!


By the way, I note there are quite a few pics on the thread with no text naming the record. There were a number of members on the old forum who were poorly sighted and relied on text-to-speech tools to ‘read’ posts - which do not work with text in images. I don’t know if the same people have joined the new forum, but in case they have, or others join, can I suggest that it would be more inclusive if all posts with photos were to include some text saying what is in the picture, however brief.


Playing this now, the ECM recording of Arvo Pärt’s Fratres, Cantus and Tabula Rasa. 35 years ago I played the first side of this, and the two versions of Fratres mesmerised me. I turned it over, and Tabula Rasa completely blew me away, such beauty and emotion from such apparent simplicity. I don’t think I played anything else that day.


I’ve not heard the ECM version but I ve a soft spot the Finn / Estonian combination here



This album was a game changer for me and it still stands the test of time.
When I first heard it I had to check the liner notes to believe they were a three piece what a band.


Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries from the mid-1980s - on vinyl & CD.

A Windham Hill label issue with great reproduction. Described as ‘new age’.

Sonically stunning in my view - initially I struggled to believe this was one person. Guitar playing of the very highest order and then some, with some great complementary backings.



Script for a Jester’s Tear. Love it from the first listen and it’s still of regular play. Introduced me to the new wave of British Progressive Rock, a genre I still love discovering more off.