Albums which blew you away on first listen


Cara Dillon - Sweet Liberty - CD rip

Literally my first listen after a recommendation by @MDS in the other place.

The early works are often the best. Very good songs and super interesting arrangements. A beautiful young fresh voice.



Not come across Carr’s Dillon before … will have to have a listen


This is album that I started with @Wenger2015 . I quickly bought more. She’s got a delightful voice.


Theres a lot and not a complete list and not in any particular order



















The Sex Pistols album certainly stirred things up a bit.





When I decided to resurrect this topic from the old forum, it seemed only reasonable to kick things off again with Jimi’s first album, which was a game changer for both myself and friends at the time, and also seems to have been quite crucial for many other forum members.

Here’s a more recent one which, again, is not only a classic album, but remains one of my all time “wow” musical moments.


I remember hearing this for the first time late one evening sitting outside overlooking Lake Annecy in France, I was blown away, came home and bought it immediately, it remains one of my all time favourite albums. Henry Gorecki Symphony No3 with Dawn Upshaw, otherwise known as the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs


One more, nothing prepared me for this or the effect it would have on me. To me nothing still comes close to sounding like it, it has so many different levels of listening and everytime I listen to it I hear another strand. Genius. Many others have tried to emulate it but non have succeeded or really come close.


SGT PEPPER for me and a few years later ABBEY ROAD



I’m going with that one, too. It’s a stunning piece of work, and I clearly remember the first time I heard it. To dismiss it as “new age” is doing it (and the late Michael) a tremendous disservice.


I like this album very much too, sonically it is first class and it is my go-to-album to listen whenever I upgrade / change my HIFI system.

Tragically, the world lost the most talented guitarist in 1997 in Mendocino when he was driving home from the SFO airport.


Winky - I concur with your thoughts on the labelling aspect. I struggle to label a lot of the music I like. When the Windham Hill label was first profiled in some of the hi-fi mags in this country I bought several vinyl LPs - all have great reproduction.



Such a feel good album. So much energy. Especially title track.


Oh dear, there had been so many records that blew me away, but these definitely make the cut:

The Cure for a teenager: how in the world could I have been prepared for that…

The Wall, borrowed from a friends older brother. Wow!

Oh, that energy! Shake Dog Shake live never ceases to amaze me.


True: very different. But, having NOT listened to Wagner for almost all of my life, listening to the Ring the first time gave me an emotional rollercoaster ride which wants to be repeated over and over (and is repeated over and over!)

Once more: that energy!

I can never play this album without having to move… not just foot-tapping!

And I hope I will find many more! Thanks for this forum for helping me with that pleasant task!


It’s very interesting that you’ve chosen the Levine Ring. I agree, it is a really excellent version. I must listen to it again.


By now, I listen to different variants. But the Levine was the first one I listened to, and it blew me away. I am hopefully waiting for a recording of Kyrill Petrenko’s Ring…


What a great thread! Lots of favs already mentioned. I would add the eponymous Elton John as a groundbreaking record alongside my Floyd/Rush/Yes/Zep usual fare. Following my love of all things Beetles I am a succour for a Cello…