Alexa on Muso Qb

Has anyone setup Amazon Echo Alexa to play on Muso Qb

Following with interest. My 13 year old is in charge of the QB and I absolutely don’t want this functionality on it.

I’m the opposite. Ours is in the family kitchen. I am keen for sticky fingers to not touch it. Therefore voice commands would be ideal.

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In my experience, sticky fingers get everywhere lol. The best bet is for you to issue the voice commands personally … :wink:

Unplug your old iPod Classic from the mini-plug input and plug in the Alexa. There may be a better way but that would do it at my house.

Bluetooth works well this end…Alexa play…Alexa increase volume…etc!

Not the last word in audio quality, but so convenient!

I did ask Naim whether they had any plan for home automation integration such as Alexa or Siri a couple of years back, the response was no, and a wry amusement at my question. Perhaps HA has become more prevalent know and a re think would be in order?

I think home automation would be great, having to use a physical control device for basic functions is starting to feel a little retro.

Although I use Siri to control Qb via a Airplay from a local iPhone or what ever, of course the Siri voicing is not from the Qb and so not always easy to control and hear unless the music is very soft.

Has anyone tried the Amazon Echo Input, it is supposed to turn any speaker into a Alexa bot.

I have various routines setup, one being a welcome and goodbye sync’d with the Hive system (lights, heating, sensors) and Alexa shows in each room, would be cool on the return home routine to have the Naim play something welcoming or a fast start to a listening session.

How did you configure it. If I ask Alexa to ‘connect my speaker’ it says it cannot find. Bluetooth speaker.
Is there a Muso setting I’ve missed ?

Alexa settings/Bluetooth/pair device. Search for your Muso, job done!

Damned if I can find any link to Bluetooth and connecting Alexa to my Muso?

A little more involved than intimated, but did it!

Sorted !!


Well done all.

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