All the new thinking in the 332 can it be explained

Old classic has been available with great discounts which is what made it attractive, as opposed to holding on for 333/332.

Think half the price of NC.


As far as US Pricing
252 $12,599
SupercapDR $8,199
Combo 20,798

NAC332 $10,999
NPX300 $8,999
Combo 19,998

But with the discounts on classic the out the door price for the combo is most likely around $14,000 + local sales tax vs the 20,000 + local sales tax. Not sure they will be discounting the new 300 series gear in the early release days.

I doubt you can find many classic items in Denmark at least currently. It seems they were taken out of the price list already in january. Interesting with the other thread on ausy pricing, it seems that we pay about 20 percent over the conversion rate in Denmark. Unfortunately brexit came in the way of buying from the UK. So we will have to hope for a good dealer relationship, witch I have.

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