Allae Speakers, a PIP in Blunderland

This is my first real post.
. . . . so, I needed to move my lovely old Allaes before I do a bit of a change around, in my listening room. I disconnected the plugs and lifted the first top unit. As I did so, one of those three PIPs popped out sideways, dropped down into the lower speaker case and disappeared down the rabbit hole of white foam wadding. I put my hand in to get it and you guessed it . . . “it went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down.” I can now hear the thing rolling around at the bottom. No amount of turning upside down will coax it out of its new home, so i’m unable to recover it without first removing the foam. Question is, does the foam just simply pull out and push back in again without damaging the inside of the cones etc? Incidentally, the wadding in the right-hand speaker is set a good 4" lower (showing my age here). Perhaps I should approach Naim Customer Support for advice on removing and repositioning of the speaker foam wadding, but thought I would ask here first as I imagine the people who did know about Allae speakers may well have retired or moved on by now.

Any constructive advice would be welcome.
Many thanks in advance, Mark

I did similar, I bought a new PiP and left the offending one in its new home as I didn’t want to disturb the wadding.


Thanks Nick, :+1: thinking same but now wondering why the wadding is lower in the right hand speaker compared to the left. I purchased them second hand, 8 years ago. So they have been like that for some time by looks of things.

Mine are both equal, there was a thread on here or the old forum about the correct wadding type, I don’t think its available from Naim but someone did source some from somewhere else if it needs replacing.

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Bad luck Mark. I can’t answer your questions but as you say Naim will be able to advise.

I read something here on forum the about wadding settling. I pulled it up to the same level in both my Allaes. Can’t say it made a difference but I’m the kind who like to think I’m getting the nth out of my Naims.

Hope you can get your PIPs sorted. With luck, you will be able to buy one, not have to buy six…

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Problem resolved.

Firstly Thanks to Dalmatian and Christopher_M for your supportive replies.

I bit the bullet and carefully removed the White wadding which was clean and in good condition. After retrieving the offending pip, I gently fluffed up the wadding a little, refolded it and nestled it back into position.
On the second cabinet, I again gently removed the sunken wadding in the same way. It was indeed crumpled at the very bottom. I re-folded inside out and reinserted it the other way up so that the slightly wrinkled wadding would not sag again in the same way. This also went back nicely and looked good . . . Just fired them up and they sound splendid. Job done! Hurray for the Naim Community


Glad you had a positive outcome, a bit of bravery paid off. Love my Allaes, they are so underrated, I tried SBLs and they were nowhere near the level of Allaes (in my opinion).

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I agree, I’ve driven the Allaes with a 150x, a 250dr and a SuperNait3. All these sounded good. These old Speakers are still very capable of performing with a lot of different amps.

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