- is it any good?

Does anyone use

I just signed up for it to look up information on LPs and artists.

But the site seems pretty dead in terms of user comments.

Also, I can’t find a way to stop an annoying pop window appearing whenever you move to a new page?

And the Privacy button shows that the organization that owns the site wants to share your data with hundreds of other firms.

Also, I cannot find a way to look up reviews by Thom Jurek who I think writes for AllMusic?

Please let me know if you have used it.

Otherwise I’ll just revert to Wikipedia.

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I don’t think it’s a particularly good source of information about music - as far as I have noticed it just gives artists and their LP/CD releases and nothing more about media, reissues etc - but perhaps I haven’t gone in deep enough. I do look at it from time to time when I am looking for a review of a particular record. On the whole the reviews are reasonable but can be very short. I have never signed up for it and I am not sure what would be the advantage in that. A Google search for Thom Jurek and AllMusic might throw up his reviews.

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I tap first the name of the musician. Then discography, then I choose the album. The review of the album appears at the beginning. After you have the tracks and you can listen.
Above you can choose the credits part , you have the musicians cited.

The pops are annoying. I agree. It’s relatively new, there were not present before. Apart clicking on the X to supress, I see no other solutions.

The review is called overview. So you can find easily Tom Jurek reviews.

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Roon uses for artist, album, etc. information so if that’s not a recommendation I don’t what is.


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I’ve been using it since the late 90s I think. It’s gone through some iterations but can be useful.

Are you a member, or do you just dip into it?

Thanks FR - v useful tips.

Are you a member, or do you just dip into it?

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I have an account that I log into but I don’t contribute to the content if that’s what you mean.

Just dip into it

Or the reason Roon is such a marmite product.

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I would say more like jam and cream than marmite.

The recent poll, on this forum, seemed to suggest if you start using Roon you’ll become hooked.


I like a lot that site, reading the reviews, complete discography ( however not always complete, better go to Discogs for that), the musicians playing and in which other albums they are playing.
But I would dislike having all that information on my app. Naim app is all I need.
I am not listening to music if doing something else , as reading, cleaning…

I’d need a lifetime sub, a core player and PSU, and an endpoint and PSU.

Very expensive and lots to go wrong.

Plus all those glossy photos to gaze at.

And the DSP functions to fiddle with…

I’m actually happy with the raw simplicity of Wikipedia discographies, which link to LP facts, and musician facts.

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It’s what I consider the least appealing feature of Roon. I wish they would use something else.

Like what?


I don’t know. I’m still sort of new to streaming services for serious listening, but I don’t really care much for AllMusic. I don’t agree with many of their reviews and they seem pretty worthless for classical. I love Roon and Qobuz. I guess I’d rather see the original album notes for albums in Roon than the AllMusic reviews.

I predominately listen to jazz, and some rock, and don’t have a problem with their reviews which I find are generally very informative.

Not having access to the original album notes is one of the downsides of streaming I guess but in the case of say the ECM label you’re not missing much.


Try Discogs. It’s awesome. I will try one day to compare to Wikipedia, but I feel Wikipedia for discography is based on Allmusic, and Roon Is based on all music too.
But I will check. Like Miles Davis for instance.