- is it any good?

yes, I use Discogs for researching my vinyl (as I am selling it!)…

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So Discogs is good for really detailed discographies, when you want to check some details.

But (not having the Naim app or Roon at the moment) I need one simple site that gives me hyperlinked basic facts on discographies, LPs, tracks and musicians - and it seems Wikipedia is probably the best at that as a single site.

And it doesn’t have the intrusive constant pop-ups that AllMusic has.

I use Wikipedia a lot when I need basic info for cataloging my LPs, like recording/release dates, etc.

And it doesn’t have the intrusive constant pop-ups that AllMusic has.

I don’t have that problem. You need to use a different browser or an add-on for your current one.


Hi Dave

Thanks for letting me know that.

I use Firefox, and I think I still have AdBlock+ activated on it.

May I ask which browser/add ons do you use?


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Yes I use Firefox and I’ve just checked my addons; AdBlocker Plus is installed but Disabled.

I’ve gone into, moved around several pages. The pop-ups seem to be on the righthand side of the screen, they’re quite small and I personally don’t find them annoying. I enabled AdBlocker Plus but the popups are still there.

Have you tried adjusting the privacy settings, bottom right of screen?


Yes - when you dig into that there’s list of what seems over a hundred firms that they want multiple rights to sell you data to.

But nothing to turn off the pop-ups.

Have you tried to disable pops up and cookies in the settings?

Correction: If you enable AdBlocker Plus in Firefox then it has the required effect.


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Yes, I have tried, but couldn’t see an option for that in Settings.

Thanks Dave - I’ll check this out later on.

Actually, thinking about it I don’t use Firefox on the iPad - I use Safari, and I’m not sure whether AdBlock Plus is installed on the iPad.

So that gives me ways to test how to block pop-ups on AllMusic.

Or I could just give up and use Wikipedia…

I think the current owner paid a lot of millions for it, and is maybe resorting to some not very smart ways to recoup their investment.


Actually, the amount is undisclosed according to Wikipedia:

"In 1996, seeking to further develop its web-based businesses, Alliance Entertainment Corp. bought All Music from Erlewine for a reported $3.5 million. He left the company after its sale.[4] Alliance filed for bankruptcy in 1999, and its assets were acquired by Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Equity Fund.[5]

In 1999, All Music relocated from Big Rapids to Ann Arbor, where the staff expanded from 12 to 100 people.[4] By February of that year, 350,000 albums and 2 million tracks had been cataloged. All Music had published biographies of 30,000 artists, 120,000 record reviews and 300 essays written by “a hybrid of historians, critics and passionate collectors”.[9][10]

In late 2007, AllMusic was purchased for $72 million by TiVo Corporation (known as Macrovision at the time of the sale, and as Rovi from 2009 until 2016).[11]

In 2012, AllMusic removed all of Bryan Adams’ info from the site as per a request from the artist.[12]

In 2015, AllMusic was purchased by BlinkX (later known as RhythmOne).[13][14]"

I find it’s useful as a look up for artist or album info, but I don’t tend to use it to find nw music
As you say, the pop ups drive you mad, hence I subscribed at £10 per year and that stops them plus the site is faster.

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Jim, you go in iPad settings, then safari, then you can block pop ups and cookies. It works for Allmusic. However you can’t log into Naim forum if you block cookies.
Perhaps @Richard.Dane could explain why we need to enable cookies on the iPad to have access on the Naim forum ?

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What’s strange FR? I’m no expert on these things (for that i defer to our web developer Paul) but AFAIK cookies are something of a basic necessity, and at their most basic, they ensure that you can navigate from thread to thread on the forum without the need to keep having to log in over and over.

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Thanks for your response. I found it strange because there is no advertisings on the forum. I thought cookies were necessary to have advertisings.
When I disable cookies on Allmusic, I can navigate in it without pop ups and different advertisings that are very tiring to see.
But it’s then not possible to navigate in the Naim forum.

Cookies are not necessary to display ads on a web page. They are a general purpose mechanism used to track various things depending on the web page. Determining who you are for persisting a login is just one example. Advertisers may use cookies to help target certain kinds of ads, but disabling cookies won’t necessarily disable ads. Again, it depends on how the web application wants to utilize cookies.

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