Allnic h7000 is finally here

I’ll probably change my valves in my 300B at some point, maybe Takatsuki or Western Electric and maybe the rectifier for a 274 Takatsuki but I’m happy with everything else and I’m not that technically minded to do tube rolling properly.

Also when you change valves sometimes it can slightly deform/bend the contact pins on the valve seat which can cause problems so I don’t mess about with them unless I have to.

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The rectifier is meant to be a very worthwhile valve to change in the power supply, and not that expensive to change.

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Well I look forward to your report/feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I am just happy to get mine right now. I had a faulty tube that whistled badly on the right channel. That’s fixed now.
But also, my power supply hums badly, apparently its the first to do this, and hopefully, it will be sorted soon

My H7000 power supply doesn’t hum at all and never has. They sending you a new one?

Do you think it’s the power supply or DC on your mains?

I can’t remember, do you have a separate circuit/spur for your HiFi. I’m sure you do.

It’s the power supply.
Tried it on a different circuit and still hums.
It’s getting either changed or maybe try a new valve.
But it shouldn’t be like it is.

I also have 2 separate circuits for my hifi

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That’s a really nice amp and system – but – no Naim gear in view. This post seems misplaced, unless I am missing something?

Missing nothing.
I had up until recently, lots of naim gear, that’s all gone now.
I do still have some naim gear in another system/room, but this is my main system.
Was asked to keep on sharing my journey by a few on here. Sorry if that’s misplaced for you.


No problem here Dunc. Always interested in hearing about how your journey is progressing (Naim or no Naim):+1:t2:


There was a (very) limited edition 12" Linn tonearm, which never went on sale to the public - I can’t remember now whether it was an Ittok or an Ekos, although it was special, so I imagine that the model name didn’t mean much.

I believe that they were used in London’s Capital Radio studios, mounted on Technics SP-10 turntables.

Or am I just fantasising of fabulous things?

I think that the styling of the front of the gear on the top right has literally been influenced by Chris Bangle’s flame-surfacing style at BMW ? 20 years ago. I think he was vindicated in the end. But don’t the modern Hyundais (!!!) look good. Better than Mercedeses and Porsches (except for the 911).

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I have several friends who have been on this forum for decades. Just because they have moved on from Naim does not mean their wisdom is no longer useful here.

Many, including myself, like to follow their journey. While I have been a member since 2003 I stopped using a Naim source back in 2011 (my 552/500 stays for now).
I am always curious as to where other Naim users journey takes them. It’s a big (stereo) world out there.


This Allnic looks wonderful. And at 19k euros, it must be really something. I am curious how the sound will became now, when it will open, and when the ps will be sorted. Is it completely silent from the speakers, when volume high and no music? Have it good dynamics and involvement? I have no doubt on the beautiful midrange it can offer.
Personally I could not return today to a solid state phono. Good tubes phono give really something more real to me.


Just tried mine and it’s very quiet through the speakers with no music playing with volume turned up to around 12 O’clock you can start to hear a bit of low noise/hum.

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Got my gain and load settings working now, the gain and load settings only work through the MC 2 input.

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@Dunc @frenchrooster

I’ve just done an A/B test between the internal H7000 SUT using the moving coil input (#2) and my Kondo SFz SUT into the Moving Magnet input and I have to say there isn’t a lot between them.

But I need keep the Kondo SUT for my other phono stage as it doesn’t have an internal SUT.


Luckily the H7000 doesn’t cost that much here, plus i got a nice discount as well.
Its quite through the speakers, its just the power supply hums massively at the moment as isnt right, its so loud i can here it out side the room. Obviously needs sorting and it will be, as the rest of the system is dead quiet, and it’s just lovely hearing nothing humming away.

Plus cheers for the support guys, not that i really need it, but its nice anyway.
I know some are easily upset, and that’s there problem not mine.
Cheers dunc


Maybe the box received a bang/drop in transit, tranformers can be fragile.

It probably didn’t travel well as like i said one of the tube was faulty as well.
It could be the rectifie tube in the power supply, the one you have to fit yourself thats faulty and causing the hum

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