Allnic h7000 is finally here

I would certainly look to change it, as all you can read on changing these are 100% positive, i know was not run it, and this one is, but the difference is very relevant.

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Do you think it would take a Takatsuki (The Rolls Royce of tube/valve makers) TA 274 A/B rectifier tube? A snip at around £1200.

I know a 274 can be a replacement for a 5U4G.

I saw it secondhand for sale, and offered a little cheeky bid on it, and it was excepted.
But it originally came from

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I haven’t a clue, sorry.


Guys, if you are lucky enough to have one off these fantastic phono stages, then i can not say much more than, do yourself a favour and swap the tube in the power supply.
I am just about as certain as i can be, you will thank me for it.
It’s simply stunning what it does


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