Allo Digione Signature + Shanti vs Node 2i as a transport

If you use only Roon for both devices and used only use as a transport, which would be the better choice in terms or SQ?
Someone here who has compared both side by side?

The node 2i is a great all in one, the internal dac is not fantastic, but as a transport for roon is great when using an external dac.

Depending on the dac the ifi zen stream sounds better than the node 2i, a lot better in roon exclusive mode. The software on the ifi simply forget it, is crap, engage the roon exclusive mode on the back and you are ok.

I do not know the allo combination so I can not talk about this one.

The node is a mature and stable product, if in the future you stop using roon the node has a good provided software for streaming, not on the roon league but good.

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I’ve been very happy running LMS software on a DigiOne sig + Paul Hynes SR4 (probably +/- in same league as Shanti). Can’t comment on that setup vs Node 2i but I believe John Darko rated the SQ of the DigiOne to be better.
I’m biased as I’m a diehard LMS fan so I wouldn’t be tempted to switch to Node2i/Roon unless there was a major increase in SQ, which I doubt very much.

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