Alpha audio live Digital vs Analog

An interesting shoot out and listening of two sources , through Halcro amp, Grimm M1 streamer, Mola Mola dac, Reed turntable and arm, and Kaya 25 speakers.


Thanks for sharing FR, really interesting.
The recording engineer is from ‘Wisseloord Studios’ and he is well respected in his field. Wisseloord is sort of the Dutch equivalent of Abbey Road if you will. Interesting that they use Grimm cables throughout the studio.

The speakers are Kaya 45s btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found it interesting too. Nice gear, interesting people, discussions…
But it’s not easy to follow as before, when there was a shoot out between Nd555, MSB, Grimm and Mola Mola dac.
This time the source was not written on the screen.

The problem is that modern lps, like those on this video, are done from hires files. The differences are not very pronounced through similar quality gear.
In my case, I have a dozen of high quality recordings done on lps, and the difference between my Nds/Melco / PhoenixNet vs Rega P10/ Lyra Kleos / Ear 912 are minimal. So I stopped buying modern lps. Too costly.
But for 70’s albums, the vinyl sound so much better.

On that video, I preferred the lp for the naturalness of voices.

I don’t know if you are aware, but the lp in the video was a specially cut lacquer, there is a video of them making it.

What do you mean by cut lacquer ? Is it an analog recording ?
I will have a look later on the video you refer. Thanks.

Hi, yes it’s an analog recording. The video is well worth watching, as i understand it a lacquer is cut by the cutting machine and this is used to make the stampers to press a record.

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Sorry, i should have said i was commenting on the Tim Knol track.

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