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Hi folks, one of my occasional DFQs here. That’s a Damn Fool Question for those that hadn’t read one of mine before…
I have loads of music on a NAS, mainly in FLAC format, but there are exceptions. To play in the correct order via the Naim app, albums need to be selected from the Artist/Album tab, and that works fine.
I recently downloaded an album (free download after buying the vinyl), and it’s in WAV form, which is fine for a freebie. Despite the meta data appearing in DBPoweramp as having track numbers in the right order, the tracks play alphabetically.
Any idea how I can fix this?

It’ll probably be dictated by the server you’re using but for any download I usually run it through a tag/metadata editor just to make sure all is ok. With WAVs it’s worth using dbpoweramp.

I would use DBpoweramp to convert the album to FLAC. Chances are the metadata will then behave itself, and as a bonus you’ll save a bit of storage space.

Interesting thought, thanks Chris. No harm in trying! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Success! Many thanks. I’m not going to ask why that works, because I’m sure I wouldn’t understand the answer…

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That was a timely question.

I don’t copy many cds these days but I went to a rare gig last night and bought a CD (Under the Surface’s album - Trinity). I copied it from my PC to NAS and noticed in passing that the first track was 10 minutes in length but when I went to play the album it started with something else - a track called Aurora!

I used to use EAC and more recently if I buy an album it comes with the digital download.

Not such a DFQ!

My thanks to the proposer of the question and the respondents for the/their solution.

Interesting! Your thanks are welcome but I think you should be thanking @ChrisSU , the answerer, more than the asker…

It does seem to me that there is a good deal of art as well as science in the mucky world of meta-data. Too many formats, too many protocols…

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