Also have pulsing phono boards on nac72

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I am hoping you can help. I have NA 323/5 phono boards pulsing when added to nac 72. The suggestion to Smithfire67 who had a similar problem was to cut the link wires. What do these look like? I see two 2 grey wires from phono ch 1 and 2 sockets, each containing two wires - one with a blue sheath the other uncovered. Any guidance welcome before I hack this thing to death!

If your NAC72 has never had boards fitted to the BNC phono input (early units have two such inputs, later units just one with a dedicated CD/AUX input on DIN) then you will probably need to cut the link wires before fitting Phono boards. The link wires enable it to be used as a line level input. Obviously you don’t want to have both at the same time, otherwise you’ll get motor boating noises. I’ll dig out the document in my file and post this for you shortly.

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Here you go. This should help;




Many thanks for this. I’ll give this a go in the morning!

Yes! All sorted. Clipped those wires and everything up and going. Many thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

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Easy, really… :speak_no_evil:

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