Alternate way to select output socket?

Just bought a two year old CD5si and the remote control doesn’t work (have followed up with the seller). The player is set to use the DIN output, but I need to switch to RCA. Is there any way this can be done without the remote? The instruction manual suggests not.


Ken, you’ll need the remote control. Make sure it’s in CD mode (press the CD softkey), then press and hold DISP. You should then have the display indicating RCA Phono (oo) or DIN (O). You can also select both to be on together, but there’s a performance penalty for this. You can toggle with the DISP button between each option. Then press and hold to exit.

I was afraid of that. Thanks for the quick answer.


Are you absolutely sure the remote control is dead? Install new batteries and make sure the CD softkey is selected.

Yep, it was dead due to corrosion that couldn’t been seen until a torch was held a certain way. Now replaced with the latest model at sellers expense. Player installed and sounding great.


Ah yes, the dreaded corrosion, no doubt from having left old batteries inside. Glad you got it sorted.

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