Alternative Interconnect for NDX2 - NAC202

I’m thinking about upgrading all my cabling. Disappointingly Witch Hat don’t do an interconnect in their cheaper range. I really can’t justify Morgana (Please don’t suggest therefore) so what else is out there as the internconnect as an alternative? Chord Shawline as an example, any other thoughts or recommendations?

The ‘Lavender’ cable that comes with the NDX2 is pretty decent. I’d look at a preloved Hiline (just handle with care) as a starting point.


You could buy an awful lot of new music, for the cost of a Hi-Line… YMMV, etc.

I had a chord Shawline on NDXv1/202/200 - found it a bit ‘bright’, I got a ‘preloved’ highline; well worth it, if at the right price. It did break, through no fault of my own; Naim fixed it free of charge, if you can: go for it.

I use an AR Sound Lunar which works well to my ears.

They used to be fashinable round these parts.


I went for entry level (105-110 quid) Witchhat DIN/DIN interconnect years back when I ordered some Phantom.
I can’t remember the number maybe S3 or something, very thin cable, maybe some of these out there preloved ?

Unfortunately they now don’t do that. Hence my question. I was looking at a full house of Witch Hat cables, but unfortunately not possible.

They were. I swapped my Hiline for one many years ago when I had my NDX. A very good cable.

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Unfortunately, on initial look at the website they don’t seem to do a 180 degrees 5 pin din - 5 pin din.

I’m a bit confused here. I seem to have just a standard 5 pin Din interconnect cable? What is the lavender cable?

Yes they do.

On their website choose products > Din Interconnects > Lunar

They do a 30 day money back guarantee too.

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Oh… Must be being dense today! lol


…Is the standard Naim interconnect, supplied in the box… Its rather good.

So-called because of its Colour…

Found it… I was in the wrong place! Thanks.

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I use an AR Lunar RCA to DIN between a Qutest and 282, well made, reasonably priced and a lovely lift in performance over the Naim RCA to DIN.

As suggested above they do a DIN to DIN version.

I use Tellurium Q Black with my NDX2. It works well and unlike a hiline doesn’t fall apart at the drop of a hat.

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please add also Chord Epic to the list

Thanks for the suggestion. Too much in the Morgana price class.

Refurbished or ex-Demo Hi-Line works well from NDX2 to NAC2xx

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