Alternative stands for Focal Sopra No1’s

I’m currently looking for an alternative set of speaker stands , for my focal Sopra No1’s. Has anyone tried using anything different to the stands that can be purchased for these speakers?

The sopra n1 stands are solid and complement the speakers very well, but they are expensive.

The n1 need very solid stands, they are big and heavy bookshelves that need a robust stand, so take that into account.

The original sopra n1 stands have 18 or 19kg and are bolted to the base of the speakers making them a part of the speaker, an alternative could work great but has to be really solid, I did try to search an alternative stand on the web but did not find anything that I would find appropriate.

Maybe a dealer with experience with the sopra line can give an assertive advice.


Hi Sonwleo, Massively sorry for the late reply, but I believe in what you have said about the sopras with the dedicated stand to be true, as there isn’t an alternative that would properly take the weight of the No1’s. I have been in contact with a dealer this week, and have discussed getting a pair ordered, as this will only be the best way to service the speakers in the sound department correctly.


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