Alternative to Naim 4pin din to 3pin XLR

You mean, the (stock) Naim cables for the NC range, I assume…?

‘There is nothing wrong with the Standard Leads’, repeat…

I also have a 52, and if anything found a bit more boogie (and other modest differences) with Morgana rather than lots less. Between us, we probably demonstrate why a comparison with your ears and system may well be more use than views here.

Also, as just about everyone says, cables won’t transform your system for the better, even if you spend Super Lumina money, because the standard cables are very good.


:joy: i not a fan of super Lumina to boot!
interestingly, on my old 135 amps i was using nap 300 cables, then when i went to the Nap 500 i forgot to bring the 500 cables so for a short period i used the 300 4 to 3 xlr. i think i had read somewhere they are the same. when i finally installed the 500 4 pin to 3 xlr i noticed that on the 500 xlr end the locking screw was made of copper or brass where the 300 just had stainless steel. i also found the the 500 cables to sound better. now im sure its my little grey blobby thing between my ears that made the real difference but a difference and some kind of build difference.

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Are you saying the 500 DIN XLR are different from 300? I cannot remember I’ve seen a difference. Can you post a picture?

I’m back listening to NACA5 again since I haven’t done that with my 500/552. And it’s doing some things very well. For sure it doesn’t have the details, realism, accuracy, transparency and all that which my Oephi Ascendance have in spades but it does schwing very well and have an ease of flow to it which is addictive in a very different way.

ok, just had a look. seems i’m getting confused with the older 135 4 pin to XLR. they had the steel colour flathead fastener at the xlr end where my 500 xlr and 300 cables have a dark colour flathead.
The difference between the 500 cable and the 300 cable is that the fastener at the 4 pin din end my 09 Nap 500 has steel flathead and the 300 4 pin has a torque fastener. Sorry my mistake. i still say i prefer the 500 cables.

500 and 300 are the same at the xlr end but the 135 had a different colour flathead. guess its just a part change for whatever reason. the 300 cables are a lot new than the 500 cables so that may be part of it. (no pun intended)

having problems doing any pic now. will try later

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