Alternative to Tidal

About to terminate our Tidal subscription due to the continued problems with disappearing playlists, favorites and catalog content. Seems highly unstable to me.

Are there any plans to include other streaming platforms?

I’ve seen some mention of Apple Classic.

I switched from Tidal to Qobuz a few years back after performing a month long side by side listen. Qobuz sounded better on my system, in my room, with my ears. JMHO - YMMV

The second bonus was it was $5.00 a month less expensive on the monthly subscription rate. After a few months I went with the pre-paid yearly plan which works out to be only $10.83 per month.

They used to offer a free month long trial period. Their catalogue of available music meets my needs. Plenty of other members have choose other services.

As a side note I also have a NAS with all my CD’s ripped to a NAS along with hi-res digital downloads that I have purchased.

Good luck with your search for a replacement.


Just started a Qobuz trial thank you for the tip however Its terrible. Can only login via my laptop, no customer service. Cancelled.

On the subject of ripping. I ripped my CD collection to an SSD drive using the Unity Star’s ripping facility… found 1 in 10 tracks had a second or so of silence randomly inserted. Waste of a considerable amount of my time. Was a bug apparently that never got fixed.

really regretting going with Naim again. Both our new units have problems that just never get fixed.

Why can’t you connect directly from your Uniti Star?

It seems to depend on the service, there are services, like Roon and a few others, that can use it gapless. I guess it’s possible they transform the playlist into a continuous stream?

who knows since they have no support and almost no self help information. i can connect via a browser on my laptop only. no success via ios, or via the Unity client.

cancelled my trial.

I tried Qobuz a few years ago, had trouble, emailed them for support several times, never got any response. It seems they have got no better, then?

I signed up with Qobuz 3 years ago and have never had any problems. I use the Naim App on my iPad and iPhone to access Qobuz, NAS and Internet Radio via the NDX 2 has been flawless.

I have also used Qobuz through my MacBook Air laptop when traveling without issue.

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I have both Tidal and Qobuz and simply have none of the above issues. I suspect something else is the culprit here.


I agree with you. Never had a problem with either and subscribed to both for about 3 years. Recently cancelled Tidal because I didn’t need both. Never any connectivity issues, either with an all-Naim system or a non-Naim system.


Qobuz has put an alarmingly limited effort into providing any form of customer support. I am not singling them out. This is not a unique issue, a great deal of businesses with online services do not see the value in customer support.

Due to my background I can comfortably analyse the connectivity between the Qobuz service and my devices, and it was perfectly healthy. I am aware from personal and professional experience that authentication can be temperamental. It might be an issue with caching, certificates, the nature of my account being on trial only, but I can only guess because they are not providing any help or information.

What this tells me about Qobuz is that they are running a very primitive business model where they do not see the value in retaining customers. Well run businesses put an extraordinary effort into understanding customer life cycle and retention strategies.

Qobuz support is perfectly helpful via email to me in the last couple of weeks & months.

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I fear you may be missing the point. IT companies not providing what we would want in terms of customer service is not news to anyone here. However, if you’re having issues others believe are not Tidal or Qobuz issues because they are not what we generally experience then logic and the balance of probabilities would suggest that if these different issues are occurring across two different platforms then the common denominator is likely you, your setup, your system, as the issues you describe would kill the business model of both companies were they the general experience.


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