Am I going mad!?

So, I’ve been doing a little experiment and have picked up on the fact that when my system sounds really on point and I could happily listen non stop my indoor humidity is 54%

Can humidity have an effect on sound?

Apparently yes, to humidity and sound, which makes sense - sound waves travel through air, and the moisture content (humidity) will affect speed (via density) and reflection.

No, to your question, are you going mad, well not on this issue. Have you tried the cable and switch thread :joy::joy::joy:

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That last sentence is really cruel Mike !

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yes , there have been articles in a few places on its effect . hi fi critic had an article on it too

In the early years of this century there was a thread on this forum initated by a member living in the middle east ie a hot country. He was complaining about the inconsistant performance of his HiFi system.
The cause of the inconsistancy was found to be the member’s partner setting the cooling at a different temperature during the day when the member was out at work. After counsellling his partner to not mess around with the cooling system the system then behaved consistantly.

The forum activity on this topic was quite dynamic and the thread lasted for about 3 or 4 weeks.

An air conditioning unit set on cooling acts as a dehumidifier.


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