Amazed by DSD today

Hi all

For the first time today I downloaded a sampler DSD download of 6 natively recorded DSD tracks from NativeDSD.
I am blown away, I have never listened to DSD before but was blown away at how organic and natural sounding the tracks were. It was as if my mind was more relaxed listening also, strange thing to say but but it made everything else sound somewhat fatiguing after.
I will be downloading some more certainly.

Interested in others opinions.




Yes shame content is so limited

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I started DSD with the first Naim beta firmware, yes 100% agree, it can be a bit special.
However it does depend on how it was recorded & the actual material content.
As to what sounds best, music is in the EAR of the beholder. However I believe that generally with DSD, the people who use it tend to be serious about producing a high quality recording all the way through to the end product & this is probably the main reason why we hear something better and/or different with DSD.
My first listen to DSD was a wow moment with David Elias “The Window”. David manages his own recordings including his own studio techniques & uses DSD all the way through the process, so its genuine native DSD.
However, moving on a few more years, I’ve found it’s best with material that needs the minimal of studio processing & mixing, minimal (preferably one) microphones, small ensemble, jazz, coral, folk. Whatever, best not analysed, just listen.


+1 for David Elias. Alas you cannot get DSD of any music I like.

I think you are right Mike.
I would imagine the sampler is made up of their best to lure you in.
However they state to be all natively recorded and mastered right through.

What’s DSD and where do you get it?

Does it work direct from a Core and Naim streamer?

I agree that from my limited experience, DSD can sound very good indeed. It’s been said before, and I would agree, that it lends itself particularly well to things like classical chamber music rather than rock.
This is a great example, also available from NativeDSD, I think:


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Okay, thanks, will download a sample pack - what resolution should I pick?

NDX2 can do max 128 Mike.

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Thanks @popeye, how’s the 282 going?

CD of that is equally superb.

DSD is largely a dead format though. There are some great examples but it simply doesn’t have the breadth. My overall impression over the years is that DSD is mostly different but by no means better. I’ve heard some great stuff but by and large it’s just a different presentation.

One of my favourite DSD albums is Robert Plant - The Principle of Moments especially the track Big Log sounds superb.

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I seem to recall Qobuz mentioned maybe 2 years ago they were planning on providing DSD content but I don’t think it ever happened.

I’ve not downloaded a DSD file as I’m concerned about the playback options plus I’m unsure if the converter app I have will work.

I have fond memories of this song, it was my first big outdoor concert back in the 80’s when he toured this albumn.

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Yes it’s really settled in now. It combined with the 250 has really added scale, depth and lots of extra detail and finesse. :+1:t2:

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‘g’day Pete, your 272 will play DSD64, the latest gen players can now go up to DSD128 as well.
The number DSD64 is indicative that the data stream rate is aprx 64 times that of a standard 16/44.1kHz CD, it’s about the same data stream rate as PCM 24/88.2kHz, so in high def terms it’s up there.
Your NAS will also need to handle DSD, I know my Synology works well & mates with QNAP also. NAS media server software Asset & I Minimserver also.