Amazon HD, GoldNote, synching devices Apple and LMS (no Naim)

I have mentioned before about not being able to synch multiroom devices.
I 've also mentioned lack of Amazon HD on the GoldNote DS-10.

I have Logitech Media Server running on a pc ( as I have some squeezebox devices). It seems there are plug ins that can help with both problems.

First is the playing to non Logitech devices. There is a plugin that can allow LMS to see any upnp player. Enabling this allows for multiroom synch as LMS takes over the server function for all devices connected. It obviously depends on any latency in the different makes of kit, but I can now play a synched source to the DS-10, the Auralic Aries, the Bluesound Node, as well as any Logitech device.

The second thing is that now the DS-10 is ‘seen’ as a Logitech upnp device by LMS, I can activate another LMS plugin that allows airplay to connect to Logitech devices. The Ipad now ‘sees’ all LMS devices as airplay capable. I can therefore run Amazon HD on the ipad and cast to the DS-10 via airplay. Again obviously, no hires casting due to the limitations of airplay, just 16/44 but still it allows me to listen to the full Amazon catalogue via the DS-10.

This may help someone else as you don’t need to own a Logitech device to run LMS as your music server source. Just a pc and a free download.

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