Amazon HD working on my ND5XS2

Hi everyone just wanted to post something that may help people get the full UHD bit rate from Amazon HD to their streamers.

So the Android option was a blow-out due to limitations of the USB on the Android phones however Windows does allow for a solution. I am using the wife’s laptop feeding the USB into a Topping DS10 and from the DS10 using optical into my ND5Xs2.

I am using the Topping as a Digital bridge, I did have to go into the speaker control panel in Windows and configure the output of the Realtek built in speakers. I set it to 24/192 (24/96 should be enough though) and I can confirm I get full pass-through of bit rate to the streamer so the XS2 DAC is doing the decoding. So it cost me £100 quid but as an interim solution its good. Hopefully Amazon HD will be native on our streamers soon and I can then use the DS10 on a small setup for my main PC.

I am pleased with the sound produced by Amazon HD and can only imagine native built in support on the streamer possibly would sound even better

Topping recommend installing the latest windows drivers also which are easy to find on their website. I have not installed any DSD drivers as I have no files but those are available also

Hope this helps people if they want to go down this route.


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