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Got the amazon echo input hooked to the Marshall Woburn II. Doesn’t sound half bad. Needed a couple of days of breakin / the first few days I was on the verge of shipping it back - bass sounded like it came a few seconds after it should have.

Amazon announced:has for sale the echo link. Sort of like a digital streamer/fono stage/digital out device.

I’ll try it out on the nd555. Hopefully it’s low jitter.
The family already just yells into various echo devices around home and are happy enough with that.

FWIW, I prefer the echo devices over the Sonos for SQ. More detail, and they time better.

Someone told me that amazon poached some big shot at dynaudio. Looks like they are half way serious about audio.

Amazon Echo into ND555 - you sir need a public flogging :grin:

But seriously the more i integrate Alexa into the household, car, mobile, the more i find pressing buttons a chore. Read an interesting article about the Logitech Harmony remote, a storming success, but major failure is it is still a remote, yes it has a basic Alexa skill, but another example of not moving with the times.

Some people mix Coke with their VSOP cognac. They paid for the cognac so who am I to judge :grimacing:

Now I have to buy the product and try it out. Add voice support to ND555.
I won’t be surprised if all streaming duties happen from the Amazon Link, and it ends up sounding better than using nd555 when using a tidal.

Something tells me that putting a $199 box between my ND 555 and all of my sources is not moving things in the right direction. The ears (and brains that really WANT it to work) will tell.

It’s on order - I’ll post again on monday.
I would not be too surprised though. Once you’ve taken the dealer’s margin (40%), distributors margin, highly paid english factory workers, shipping etc into account, the 22K ND555 is probably worth < $2K to manufacture in China.
Amazon is probably selling it’s unit at a loss to subsidize content and subscription sales. It’s R&D is amortized over 100s of thousands of units, while Naim’s ND555 R&D is amortized over 100s of units.
Talking to the naim designer at a local audio show where they had the statement, it really sounded like the ND555 was primarily a Dac, and they just threw in the streaming module. The fact that network cables make the sound different leads me to believe that Naim still hasn’t cracked the network nut yet.

Now - I totally expect Amazon to throw in a cheap powersupply. LPSU to the rescue. And I’ll use an optical cable - it’s the electrical noise control that naim excels in - optical cable isolates that issue.

Now it all depends on how good the Naim’s Un-Jitter code is - and how much noise is introduced by converting optical signals to digital electric signals.

FWIW, The TV input sounds just fine to me…

Yeah, I’m an idiot. The alexa echo sucks.
It’ll probably do ok with the Marshall - but then it’ll be a three box system in the garage. At that point, I might as well take my Unitiqute out into the garage and get some decent speakers.

Regarding ND555… I think you were extremely badly informed on the ND555, to the point I would severely question the credibility of the person who told you that.
For those of us who were invited to Naim and spoke with Naim over the development of the new Streamers, by far the biggest innovation and development was the transport / streaming electronics, isolation, clock stability, decoupling and noise management. There is even an internal slide pack that goes through these enhancements.

The DAC is the same config largely as the CD555 and NDAC based on the Texas Instruments PCM1704K and Analog Devices Sharc digital processor oversampling and low pass filter engine, albeit further optimisation in the current to voltage circuitry, analogue low pass filter and out stage The digital low pass filter design and over sampling approach is the same as the original NDAC.

However the streaming and front end was effectively redesigned to provide significantly improved performance, more reliability and flexibility, and less noise interaction with sensitive audio transport clocks and analogue circuitry… and it is the benefits from that we largely enjoy when we appreciate the new streamers over the earlier generation.

And yes Naim have largely cracked the network cables and network interaction… however if you couple RF into your device then it will be audible to some extent… however that is nothing to do with the ‘network’

I would echo what SiS has posted. The new streamers are the result of several years of painstaking research and development. The ND555 in particular is the culmination of everything they know. Countless small improvements leading to class leading streamers. They could have bought in a streaming board, but instead designed their own.

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Well, it was one of the designers - probably being flippant/English humor.
The Alexa Echo Link is pretty impressive at its price. Too bad no upnp support so I could actually test it out with lossless files.

And… returning it. So much potential - but the bean counters did not know what they were doing.

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