Amazon Music Streaming

So there is a track on Amazon Music Streaming, I want to hear played through my NDS etc.

I am a Prime Music subscriber, on the back of my Amazon Prime membership for TV and shipping.

I can download the track for offline playback, which drops it some folder structure in AppData folder on Windows and not an extractable format, so I want to get the track as a standalone FLAC file, anyone ideas?

Happy to buy the track, but it is only offered in MP3

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In all streaming services I am aware off, the offline playback option as part of the monthly subscription is just to facilitate playing the track while there is no internet (like travel). It does not give you the right to move the track elsewhere, it is still part of the streaming subscription and you don’t retain the rights to it if you cancel the subscription. Therefore, these downloads are encrypted and you can’t get to the flac data.

Even if Amazon only has the separate download as mp3, other download stores may have flacs, I would try that.

All streaming subscriptions (that I’m aware of) offer the facility to download tracks for offline listening, usually only on portable devices. It’s only really intended for use in situations where your connection is not reliable enough to stream when travelling.
As far as I know, nobody has managed to extract these files. Amazon and the like would be concerned that they could easily be used to distribute unauthorised copies. I suspect your only option would be to look around for a lossless version elsewhere.

Thanks - thought as much.

The track is flagged as an Amazon Original, and isn’t on Tidal or Qobuz as yet.

It’s London Grammar recorded Live in Abbey Road - it’s one track, so maybe there is a complete Album coming.

That’s a track off their last album which is widely available, but presumably not the same version. I suppose it’s anyone’s guess when/if/where is will be released separately if that’s not the album version.

And I have that Album, but with the accompaniment of an Orchestra, recorded in Abbey Road, it seems to lift the track.

Have seen an Abbey recorded version released, e.g. Elbow Seldom Kid, studio version and Live at Abbey Road, half speed master by Miles Showell etc.

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