Amazon music UHD and 1st gen Muso & QB

No Tidal master so will the first gen Naim Muso & QB be software upgradable to stream Amazon music Ultra HD? Cheers!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the old platform streamers will not have support added for Amazon Music - or MQA, or Qobuz for that matter. I’m sure Naim will do whatever they can to support the existing functionality of their discontinued streamers, but adding new services is a different matter.
From a technical point of view, a HiRes stream from an online service may well be unreliable too, given their small buffers. Optimising the streamers to run Tidal at 16/44 was no easy task for Naim, and higher res streams may well be more difficult still.

Hi Chris. Thanks for your response. Going to have to break the bad news to my other half! :joy::joy: Still mainly listen to my downloads anyway. Had a trial of Qobuz on the Arcam n-play I have in the summerhouse and must agree that the hi-res files were fairly unstable.

Hi, if you really want to use Amazon Music, you may be able to find a workaround solution. For example, a Chromecast Audio (discontinued, but still widely available for about £20) connected with an optical cable, but this will not currently support the HD stream.
Are you streaming over WiFi? If so, you may find an Ethernet cable connection helps.

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