Amazon Prime Music and Superuniti

My granddaughter really likes the used Superuniti I gave her, but is disappointed that she can’t play music from Amazon Prime Music on it. I, in my ignorance, had thought that she could just connect her iPhone7 to the Superuniti’s USB port and do it that way, but it doesn’t work, although I know that music in

Is there any way of doing this for her, other than using a headphone adapter for the iPhone7 and minijack to RCA phono lead into the Superuniti?. I am wondering if there is perhaps some setting on the Superuniti to make it recognise the iPhone as an external device, as she tells me she gets an error message when she tries it (she’s 12, and I can’t go and try it for myself because of the lockdown)

I did point out to her that she can access hundreds of albums on their home ethernet connection (daddy has an NDX), but she want’s to play her own music as well.

Hi, you can sometimes persuade it to play over the USB connection by first playing music from iTunes/Apple Music. This should work, as the streamer is Apple certified for this use. Then start playing music from Amazon, or any other non-Apple source, and it should work.
If not, I guess the safe bet is to switch to Spotify or Tidal, which are officially supported on the SU and don’t require a USB cable.

Thanks. I’ll ask her to try this, though I think she’ll need her dad to put a couple of songs into iTunes/Apple Music first. As they already have Amazon prime, she wouldn’t have to spend some of her limited pocket money on a Spotify subscription.

Tried it out using my NDS and iPhone 11Pro. Worked OK. All apps with audio output (, Amazon Music etc) played through the NDS without any problem. Thanks.

Good to hear you got it working. Hopefully it will on the SU too.

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