Amp- better used or stored

As you seem to have a whole hifi store at home(?)
I now have a ‘spare’ nait XS.
is it better stored or used ?
Thank you

if you store it then it’s a good idea to use desiccant packs to prevent moisture. Also worth getting it out now and then and using for a day or two. However, caps will gradually degrade whether used or not.

I’ve seen Richard’s tactful reply.

But I can’t see much point in ‘storing’ an amp. Surely you should either use it or get rid of it to someone who will use it?


I think that’s a dilemma quite a few face. I’ve still got a CB 140 that was part of my first Naim amp setup 34ish years ago and a lovely little Nait 1 that I bought a few years back as I’d always wanted one. The Nait does get occasional use and I suppose I do have enough spare kit knocking around to build a second system…

Do I need another system though and do I really need these vintage components when someone else could be getting enjoyment from them… :thinking:


I think that you know the answer to your own question.

Couldn’t any sale proceeds be used to acquire something that you want or need, for the music system or otherwise?

Indeed, but I was given some old vinyl records the other day, the Nait has a MM phono stage and I do have a pair of Shahinian Compasses doing nothing. Just need a TT :roll_eyes:

@sjw Nait XS in storage?! You’ve lost it mate!! :-)))


You never know when you’ll need a spare amp. It’s very handy to have one stored away.


Plenty of spare Amps on eBay if you need one desperately. Also your dealer may lend you one if yours is in for repair.

Not so simple for some. The dealer that I just bought my NDX2 from is 2800km away.

good point!

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