Amplification for Spendor D7.2 Speakers

Likely not much help here, as I have models each an iteration before what you’re considering, but I can assure you that what I own equates to quite the balanced system in my room: Spendor D7s, SN2, HiCap DR, ND5 XS2, Chord Qutest. Each of these when together has been an absolute revelation to me. Separates might seem the obvious upgrade but at a cost. If you can afford it, then I suppose why wouldn’t you? However, IMO, if you’re looking to save a few pounds or dollars, SQ-wise you’d be hard-pressed to find fault with the Integrated/PSU and streamer as transport with the best DAC you can afford. The SN2 drives the Spendors with ease; it doesn’t break a sweat. With the HCDR, it adds a level of effortlessness, refinement and separation between instruments that borders holographic with even marginally good recordings.
No matter what you do, given your choices I have zero doubt you’ll be happy. I think you’ve nailed it in that all of this will end-up a subjective exercise anyway, if only judging by people’s preferences of the XS series over the SN and vice-versa. I’ve always felt the next-level of separates up from the last is generally always quite an uplift in performance but at quite a jump in price as well. With the Integrateds there isn’t much concensus as to which is better than the other, just ‘different’. Some like the SN1 best. Others say SN2 is better by far. Then the SN3 comes out and some say it is much better than the SN2, but then there are opposite views that when compared the SN2 is better.
I suppose my point is demoing the Integrateds is a good idea, whereas I personally feel if you go the separates route you’ll have a near-guarantee that the latest pairing will be better than the pair prior—subjectively speaking, of course.


Has it been your (admittedly subjective) experience that the Qutest is superior to ND5 XS2 internal dac?

Yes, without a doubt. When I first got it I listened to it bare, then tried out the DAC in my Rega Saturn-R (dual Wolfson chipset) which was different but ultimately was better in my mind (which isn’t too much of a surprise, as offboard DACs, IME, have been preferable over the years to me on CD players I’ve owned, so it makes sense with streamers, too, if it is up to the task). By that I just mean more well-rounded and analog sounding from top-to-bottom, less digital. It also just had a ton of air around everything, was very ‘clear’ sounding, making listening more enjoyable. You also get to tweak the sound with filters, which is a plus.
When I received the Chord last week it in many ways took it to a higher level. Tough to define, but I described it in one of the threads as a truth-teller. It makes every recording very distinguishable from one another. You really have to take the good with the bad with the Qutest, though. Great recordings are a revelation, good ones are better than you thought and bad ones are what they are. There’s no masking anything. There’s a real sense of venue and the detail is just uncanny. Little things you might’ve heard before in a certain recording often just leap forward in the soundstage. When this happens I just nod and smile. A great engineering feat and piece of technology.

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The D7’s are a pretty revealing speaker, max out your source would be my advice


FWIW I have the D7.2 on my short list to upgrade from ProAc D28. It is listed next to contenders as profiled as ProAc K6 Signature, PMC Fact 8 and 12 Signature, Spendor D9.2, Apertura Edena Evolution, Majico S1 MKII and A3, Audio Physics Medex.
The D7.2 seems to offer and exceptional VFM where I am fortunate to come with ND555 and 500.

Are you sure you’re going to like them more than the ones you’re about to upgrade?

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No I don’t, this is also why they are on the list to listen to.

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Hello, do you mind if I ask what size room the speakers are in and do you have any treatment in there? How far away from the wall do they need to be?

Don’t mind at all. My room is what could be considered an almost squarish ‘L’ shape, with one of the corners jutting out and rising at two angles to a 9’ ceiling that’s almost cathedral, but I had it ‘flattened’ throughout.
It has two different height knee walls (about 5.5’ and 6’ respectively)—one that runs the length of the room while the other about halfway where it then turns 90-degrees and continues toward an office (closed-off by a door). Overall measurements are 17.5’ x 21’ x 9’.
So far I use no treatment except a lot of books/bookshelves and records (stored in the typical Ikea Kallax shelves), which I guess really isn’t treatment. The room has hardwood floors, but a large area rug is centered in it. I do use bass-management/DSP, though (utilizing a DSPeaker AntiMode Dual-Core 2.0, which is amazing).
The Spendors are known for not being very picky about placement. In fact, they’ve been about the simplest to get right, but experimentation is warranted to get the sound you’re looking for.
I ended-up with them 7.5’ apart, just shy of 4’ each from the front wall and 3’ from the side walls. My LP is about 7’ away or so if I remember correctly. This was to help mitigate/eliminate a pretty bad null and is quite effective.
I would’ve loved to put the D9s in this room, but funds just weren’t there. Surprisingly, the D7s fill this room zero problem without boominess or running out of steam. I hope this helps.

That’s really helpful, thanks very much. The D7’s are on my list to try and listen to, would also like to hear the D9’s but get the impression they might be a bit large for the amp/room (25m2).

I haven’t heard of the DSP you’re using, will have a read up on it as I’ve also been looking at the MiniDSP Dirac range.

Thanks again,

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