Amplifier for ATC 19 v2

Hi I was wondering if you all could give me some advice plz, iam currently running a Linn akurate DSM latest version ,ATC 19 V2 ,and a Rega aethos,I want to come back to a naim amplifier ,I was looking at supernait 3 ,I would definitely go second hand to get more for my money I’ve got four grand to spend that includes my Rega amp what would you recommend I don’t mind going pre and power thanks aceone.

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Try a used NAP250… I use a 250 here with my SCM 19v2 … it works a treat…

Are you planning to use the DSM as a DS, ie bypassing the preamp?
If not, the obvious Naim power amp would be a 250DR. There was a post last year from someone who auditioned that combo and was enthusiastic about the result but you’ll find lots of contrary advice. If you are bypassing the pre, a 282/250DR/HC would be ideal if you were lucky enough to find a decent used set within your budget (after selling your Rega). But if you want the Naim sound you might end up asking yourself why not trade all the electronics for NDX2/SN3?

There is another (non-Naim possibility) worth investigating: trade in your ATCs for the active version and run them straight from the Linn. If you trade in the Rega as well you might even be able to get the ATC SCM 40As. Patu of this parish runs exactly that setup.

Whatever you do I think auditioning is essential so it would probably be sensible to wait until normal service resumes, whenever that is.


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May I ask what is it about the Rega Aethos that you are unhappy with? If going with pre/power minimum 282/250DR with black boxes in my book for your ATC SCM19.

Hi I was thinking of not using the preamp in the DSM ,would a nac 82 ,nap 250 ,hicap all olive be better than supernait 3 .

The nac 82, hicap and 250 is a lovely combination which I enjoyed. Good value for money too and you could get serviced ones within your budget or have them serviced.

It’s whether you want something newer and a one box solution vs something 20 years old in 3 boxes.

I haven’t heard the Supernait 3 but would imagine the 82, hicap and 250 in olive would compare well to a 282 hicap DR and 250DR and should be as good if not better than the Supernait 3. There will be some who disagree out there.

I’ve now got the 82 with Supercap and 135s which I am happy with.

I had SCM19 v2 for a couple of years paired with a 250DR . Excellent combination.

Hi pete.t what pre amp did you use with the nap 250,and cables thanks aceone.

I started with a Chord Hugo fed Supernait 2 and then added one of the first 250DR’s which worked really well for me . I have seen this combination questioned many times here due to the SN2’s Pre section but as 2 box amps go I thought it was pretty good and it was significantly better than the bare SN2 into the ATC’s . At that time though I always planned to add something like a 282 along the way .

For the last 6 months with that system I used the Benchmark DAC3 HGC direct into the 250 for 2 reasons , to reduce box count as I had to move out due to building works and I’d also decided to go down the ATC Active route . The Benchmark DAC would my starting point for the Active system and somewhat surprisingly I much preferred it direct into the 250 than the Hugo/SN2 set up .

Can chime in with own experience. Two months ago upgraded from an SN2 to 282/250DR. I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed the SN2 powering the ATC SCM 19v2s for almost 3 years. Fairly soon in that run, I’d added a JL Audio e110 sub, which probably helped – but I never found the system lacking. Chord 2Qute DAC, Dynavector P75 phono stage… all sounded great.

But you know where this is going… once the 282/250DR were in place, I felt like I got new speakers. the 250DR was driving the ATCs with an ease that I just didn’t quite expect. The word ‘effortless’ kept coming to mind. Also, and maybe this is more on the 282 vs. the SN2 pre-amp section (not sure), but I’d previously felt the SN2/ATC combo was just a shade dark. Not a ton of air, especially relative to my office system or a good friend running Benchmark DAC/AMP into Dynaudio Contour 20s. All that is gone with the 282 - super clear highs and love the additional detail.

So I’d say the SN2 was very good with the ATCs. The 282/250DR combination has made it standout (but… I’m still glad the e110 is there to round out the bottom octave).

Given 2nd hand markets are no bueno right now, I’ve thus changed out the office system… the SN2 has displaced the recapped '83 NAIT to power the ProAc Tablette 10 Sigs in a nearfield configuration. Obviously dug the NAIT a lot, but this is really nice. On this 2nd system, have gone back and forth between extremes: Border Patrol DAC and Benchmark. I think I’m settling on Border Patrol, and the NAIT/Benchmark are on the way out.

Hi kshekar what power supply are you using with nac 282 ,and thanks for everyone’s answers.

I don’t think it’s a secret that ATC speakers thrive on power. It’s worth looking at the amp packs they use in their active versions. I’m well aware that watts aren’t everything but your finding on a 250 driving the 19s mirrors my auditioning experience.


The new ATCs don’t need anywhere as much power as the older SCMs. The improved crossovers and tweeters on the SCM curved designs, certainly upto 19, are quite happy on relatively modest power. I found a NaitXS2 fed a pair of 19s wonderfully with a lively bounce, with just a smidgen of softness that worked well.
With my 250 and stands I have useful info down to around 30 Hz supported by my room… with my 19v2… to the point I can’t get a really good match with a sub as there is too much overlap below 40 Hz… I spent a long time trying… possibly different in a different room or stands.

Now it’s true I did find the bottom octaves were a little too diminished sometimes until I used my NAC552… and then they filled out nicely with no bloat, boom or resonance. Certainly sounds very nice now.

I think iam going to try supernait 3 and try nap 250dr with my Linn Adam.

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