Amplifier limiter

Hello there. Instead of the normal approach of choosing ( buying another) more sensible loudspeakers or (more powerful) amplifier, Is there any kind of “limiter” that strangulates the amplifier ( whatever the model/brand)
In order to put the volume knob with a wider spectrum of sound, in low volumes,?
(Just because ) I love to ear music at night , through the speakers, but feel the steps big for each “volume click”.

Like to ear some thoughts from people who

(have a top of the range hi-fi system , that are more experienced in the minor tweaks to achieve greatness and )

I respect and follow including but not limited to @Mike_S @Bobthebuilder @hungryhalibut @GaryYeowell
@ChrisSU @Richard.Dane

High end headphones?


Hahhhaahha. No, my friend: I would like to use the speakers. Is it possible?
Although I recon that you’re solution is far more eficient. ( and expensive)

Then I think you may need to look at small quality near field speakers if you really want to limit sound travelling around your house.
What you are ultimately looking for otherwise is a compressor and bandwidth limiter… not really what you would associate with quality audio replay…

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So this “ limiter” exists? Got to do a search…
I don’t see it as a bandwidth limiter. I just wanted to raise the volume, and doing so, get a more constant and wider choose from the spectrum.
But you’re probably right: in doing a constricted approach, bandwidth will suffer?!

Can you not achieve what you want by reducing the maximum volume setting for your Qute in the app? The Qute volume control is ideal for small adjustments and much easier to use than a standard volume control.

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Hi, there isn’t much you can do with an all-in-one system. (I presume you’re referring to your Unitiqute here?) Inefficient loudspeakers would need the volume turned up to a higher level for the same sound output level, thus allowing a wider range of the volume control to be used, which I think would give you what you are looking for.

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I feel like :clown_face:.

Never occurred to me . I know and use the ceiling limiter of the UQ2 volume to the headphones. in the UQ2 directly.

Never tought of doing that , through the App for the speakers itself.

Going to take a look. Thanks HH.

Sometimes the solution is staring us in the face! It should do exactly what you want.

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My MA rx2 are efficient. 90db/m
I just though that could be another way to increase the spectrum of volume steps. At night sitting 2m away, every nuance is notiable

I think it doesn’t work since the initial steps remain the same: the UQ2 “cuts” the top volume, but doesn’t allow to me pick a wider low volumes.

Whatever the results, In the end, I will always have the high end solution of @Simon-in-Suffolk :partying_face:

Hi, I was referring to your comment that you “feel the steps big for each “volume click”.”
If I’m understanding you correctly, you are saying that a small change in the volume control leads to a large change in actual volume level, making it hard to set it how you want. I’m saying that if you had INefficient loudspeakers, this would reduce the problem because you would be using a wider range of the volume control.

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My bad: what a try to say is: when I turn up the volume (UQ2 comes with a pre defined 0-100 steps) the first 10 are fine and sensibly audible. However at night , I would ideally make a sub division of this individual steps. If 1 step equals to 1 db, I would like a spectrum of 0.2db for each previous 1click/1db

I just posted this thread because assume that this kind of solution should been already created and probably used by the hi end gamers. Surely they also felt the need to do this at some point?!

If using a separate source, you can get inline attenuators (at least for rca) that effectively reduces the input signal so you need a higher volume on the amp. I don’t know any other option if the amp doesn’t itself offer a trim option per input.

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So for an eventual solution , it obliges me to go separates… :sweat_smile:

The unitiqute does have input trim!
Just tried it while playing via roon, -10 all the way to the left definitely quieter. So should work for you.

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Sorry Robert, can’t seem to find that option.
I have volume and balance on the app.
Where’s the trim option?
My input options doesn’t have this .

You’re using a unitiqute 2, yes? Cog wheel in the app, then input settings, they all have input trim option (when made active).

Found. ( was not active) Thanks. @hungryhalibut was right also.
My bad on not finding what stated.

Thanks everyone

I’m unclear on exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

If it is finer control with the volume control knob, then something that reduces amp input sensitivity is needed, and it seems that has been suggested.

If it is compression, so the loud bits aren’t too loud and quiet bits aren’t too quiet (and music mastered as part pf the “loudness wars” doesn’t do for you! then you can certainly buy them, used commonly in professional recording or music playing. The very process is a reduction in fidelity, but of course better to be sble to listen that way than lose the quiet bits in the noise floor.

On the other hand perhaps you need a ‘loudness’ button, to boost the bass and treble relative to the midrange at low sound level, to match the ear’s reduced sensitivity. The problem is the old style ones were crude, and hence omitted from quality hifi amps: I have long advocated the idea of doing cleverly with DSP, automatically linked to sound level so the compensation is accurate, however as far as I am aware no manufacturers offer it. You can of course approximate manually with DSP.

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