Amplifier Up Grade

Hi everyone
My current system is based around an Nait XS 2 amp with a Flatcap XS powering the amp and Stageline, sources are CD5 XS used as a transport into a ndac powered by an XPS 2 and a modestly specified LP12 (no interest in streaming now or in the future) speakers are Neat Motive SX2, interconnects are a mix of Naim Lavender, Witchhat Morgana and Phantom speaker cable with a couple of Powerlines on the dac and amp with all of the above sitting on Framelite.
I thought the above was probably my end game system as I am more than happy with the overall sound and I think all the components work well together but I have managed to squirrel away a bit of a slush fund (about 3k) and the upgrade bug has taken hold but where to spend the money to get the biggest bang for my buck ?
My first thoughts were upgrade the amp possibly with a pre loved SN3 with a possible speaker upgrade at some point in the future but would the introduction of the SN3 up set the synergy of the system as it stands ?
Your thoughts as always would be greatly appreciated

Just off the top of my head, I think that the best way to get better sound from your system will be to replace the XS2 with a separate control amp (which is ‘Naimspeak’ for preamp) and a power amp. (The XS2 is a very good amp, and should hold its value on a trade-in, but separates really are the Naim way.)

You will get lots of advice here, which will all be intended as helpful, but which may ultimately probably prove frustrating and rather confusing.

It may be helpful to ‘lurk’ on these pages to pick up ideas, but I strongly urge you to find a helpful local Naim-authorised dealer, and let him/her/them do their job by showing what options are available within (and, possibly, even outside) your budget.

It’s how Naim choose to sell their products and (usually) works very well, to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.

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Is your main source CD or vinyl?

If vinyl, I’ve played a Klimax LP12 through a Nait XS and would always much prefer to upgrade that over the amp.

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Just a thought Supernait 3 here the best free upgrade I got was changing using dins for RCA just try it and see. :+1:t2:

@Hanumike (I originally selected the wrong member, so editing the post.)

When I moved from a NAIT XS 2 to a SUPERNAIT 2, I thought it was an improvement in the overall performance to my system at the time. I added a HiCap DR latter on and felt that also provided an uplift. I do believe this would be a nice complement to your existing system components.

Good luck with your decision and enjoy the journey.

Not me needing the advice, but thanks anyway.

I’m way too old, and way too happy with what I’ve had for the last three decades or so, to consider anything but getting my equipment serviced, which is long due a trip back to Salisbury.

About 75% cd to 25% vinyl at the moment

I moving along in age as well and it shows…

Thanks for the heads up!

Go Supernait 3 and later add the hicap Dr

If you wish to go further than that down the track , yes can think about separates but the SN3 may be all you need , it’s a beauty :+1:


It’ll depend a lot on if you see this as one of very few and occasional/rare system changes or the basis of something more substantial and long term.
An obvious choice would be making refinements to your analogue source or even a higher spec CD player. It sounds like what you have already fits your needs well having said that!
A Supernait 2 would be a cost effective improvement, you can add a HiCap DR to that for another layer of polish and refinement.
Other than that you could look at a NAC/NAP system (202/200 perhaps) and that you could evolve in to something very good over a longer time frame, moving to a NAC 282 and NAP 250 with a HiCap DR for example.

Pre-loved gets m,y vote. More for your £$?..!!

See what you can find. Perhaps an older Naim pre-power combo might suit you - but factor in servicing.

Your slush fund would get you to sn2 plus hicap dr on the “gently used” market, plus you could swap in your xs.
Or see what a hicap dr can do over your flatcap.