Just a quick question, which would be better for a Nait5 a Nap 100 or the Nap150x?

I think the consensus back in the day was a FC2. At least, that’s what I had on my Nait 5 and was very pleased with the combo.

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I would go 150x, I’d also sell the Nait and buy the matching Nac 122x.

The 122x / 150x was my first full size Naim separates amp and still remains one I have very fond memories of.

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I have a FC 2x. I am looking for the next small upgrade so looking for a power amp to add to the system.

The 150x is a really nice power amp so I’d go for that. Then swap the Nait 5 for a 122x as suggested above. I had a 122x/fc2x/150x for three years and it was terrific.

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The Nait 5 would be a straight swap financially for a 122x and as you already have a flat cap it makes great sense.
Your only outlay would be around the £300 mark.

Ah. So why didn’t you say?!

The guy asked a simple question. You ignored it!

Just as I’m about to :wink: save and go for 202/200 :slight_smile:

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NAP 150X would be my choice

Thanks for the reply’s, 150x it is then👍

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