An accidental upgrade? - new UPS


Thought it might be of interest to those on this board, but I recently purchased a UPS to deal with the occasional power trips that we sometimes get living out in the sticks (mainly to ensure the broadband CPE router and home WiFi setup stays up).

Some initial research led me down the path to consider a couple of options. One, from a well known brand APC (very common in the numerous data centres I have been in) and another, slightly lesser known, called CyberPower. After weighing up the option, I actually decided to go for a CyberPower CP1300EPFCLCDUK. There were a couple of key features that were particularly appealing, the Pure Sinewave Output and the automatic voltage regulation, however that said, it was the price and basic UPS functionality (incl. replaceable batteries) that were the primary factors in deciding what to buy.

Anyway, not having given it too much thought beyond wanting to keep the lights (or LEDs) on, I plugged my UnitiLite (+ PowerLine) into the unit and was surprised by how much this seems to have improved the overall sound - am pretty sure it isn’t a case of golden ears, as I really hadn’t intended a change - it just seemed to suddenly improve - albeit all things hifi, it is always incremental change.

Not sure if anyone else has tried this - but for me it was one of those rare side benefits that seems to have given an accidental upgrade !! In hindsight of course, it makes sense given the improvement that the manufacturer states (and 3rd parties have measured) to regulate the power feed to the protected output which was one of the reasons for the PowerLine upgrade when I first bought the system.

Note, I wouldn’t advise anyone rushes out and buys a UPS just on my experience as these are around £200, but I wondered if anyone else had also found the same result.

In case it helps - further info at

Note - I have nothing to do with any of the companies above, just wanted to share my experience.


I have a CyberPower one for my QNAP i7 NAS - slightly older but “Pure Sinewave” model… pretty decent. Going strong for about 2.5 years. I have an event counter on mine - over the years I’m counting 165 events - meaning either momentary outage - like substation switching or full outage for many minutes. Late at night I see it trip on and save my NAS. I have it setup so it kicks off the notification to the NAS through the USB interface. Well worth the purchase! so good shout.

Interesting, I have wondered about this for my home office, didn’t think about hi-fi benefits. I’ll have to check out New Zealand options.

I already bought CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System for my router/CISCO switch/NAS.

And I have also been thinking about doing the same for my HIFI system, because where I live is susceptible to unpredictable power outages, especially during the winter months. It would be very bad if the power is down and up for a few seconds in the middle of a listening session.

Maybe for me, it is worth a try if the UPS brings an extra SQ benefit in addition to the safety feature.

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