An Alphabetical Tour of my Collection... Part I (A to M)

Sometimes I get a bit stuck, as to what to listen to. Its easy if I have some new material, but if not…

So … I decided to take a ‘tour’, letter by letter of my Collection, in easy stages.

There had to be some rules - which were - only CD’s, I must have at least 3 CD’s by the artists/group and no Double albums allowed.

Here we go…

A - Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines
B - The Beatles - Abbey Road; Blue Nile - A Walk Across; Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin; David Bowie - Heathen; Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
C - Elvis Costello - Brutal Youth; Crowded House - Temple of Low Men
D - Deep Purple - Machine Head
E - Enya - Enya; Evanescence - The Open Door
F - Fairport - Liege & Lief; Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials
G - Peter Gabriel - 4; Garbage - Garbage; Goldfrapp - Silver Eye; Greenslade - Time & Tide
H - Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited; PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
I - none
J - Bert Jansch - The Collection (as ‘Best Of’)
K - KIng Crimson - Red
L - Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
M - none

Any good… :thinking:

Don’t understand the game. Sorry Ian. The goal is to make an alphabetical listing of our cds?

Me neither. However, in my alphabetical alignment, The Beatles are listed in T and not in B


( although in terms of importance, should be in A?!)

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Hmmm…needs some Isis (both bands of that name), Incredible String Band, Iggy Pop…lol.

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As so many bands are ‘The XXXX’, and sometimes indeterminate, my ordering rule is to ignore any leading “The”. Meanwhile solo artists I list by surname, while band names based on a person’s name are still treated as a band name, listed by first word (other than “the”). Classical I list by composer (surname first)


Sorry, I have no ‘I’s’ at present… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, me too. Spot on. So (The) Beatles go under B, as do (the) Blue Nile, and so on… And (The) Yardbirds under Y… Led Zeppelin under L, Pink Floyd under P, etc

Classical too - Stravinsky under S, not I, etc.

@frenchrooster , @anon29651526 - Just a wander through my Music Collection.
Nothing clever… Never mind, if you don’t get it… :expressionless:


if you only knew how Franciscan I am in terms of approach and number of cds…


agreed my friend. it really doens´t matter: each person does what suits them best

Only CDs ? Not digital albums or lps?

I decided to do just CD’s. I could do LP’s… :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is my Digital Albums list:


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CDs are digital albums… (just that they are encoded into pits on foil embedded in plastic)

Of course IB, I was referring to downloaded albums.

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I did realise that but was reacting to the OP’s list of “Digital albums”, somewhat lacking in number compared to his list of CDs, so chose to respond literally.

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